Sunday, August 31, 2003

watched "Freaky Friday" @ SunPLz.
1st time there....
1st time finish up popcorn....
lazed at Mac and we read the I-weekly togather.
simple task but very heart-warming..
wonder how will 2mlr's lunch turn out to be???
keeping my fingers crossed.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

happy baby came home smiling with her "rewards"...
went for a walk with baby after dinner....
and prepare a little "surprise package"
peanut cookie, face mask for baby,and alittle notti stuffz.
good nitez & sweet dreamz

Friday, August 29, 2003

saw that the last visited pages online are
why ? I thought that girl is already a "history".
why do I see her reading "her" blog?
I don't feel good...
"the most beautiful love stays in the memories"
anyway does this quote applies to "her" & "her"?
I am confused.....she loves "her" and she want to know
about "her" life and vice versa.....
then where am I suppose to stand....
(In the fridge??) coz its cold ....
and so that I won't get too hyper.
*Freeze my brain*

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Mum bought Straits Times,
browsed thru the CJ section,
a printing firm in YIS looking for CSvc Exec.
but the manager must be a blur bug...
the email address on the Ad was incomplete,
and there is no contact no. stated,
I've to search yellowpages for their no.
and get the email. *sighz*
That kip me busy for awhile after Iwoke up..

As usual Baby stayed back OT...
busy with load of work, guess its peak season.
went to dposit cash & activate Giro for SH bill.

Baby was so late, finally she turn up...
with a piece of "spiderman cake" for me...
we had meal at foodcourt, the noodle is too spicy.

shop and scanned my scalp....
looks grossssSSSSS~
the lame sales person speaks Singlish ...eewk!
sound so weird( I've heard of ang-moh wannabe,
never know there are pple ard are singlish-wannabe).
$250+++ for haircare products..???!! guess u got the wrg person..

nobody at home but we are so "proper"...
didn't do anything notti.
feel as if I m no;onger "attractive" or
maybe there are other reasons...
I just don't get it...

I bathe ALONE. eat ALONE.
practically "muted" after we reached home.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

intensive science...."systems"...
I can feel how mum feels when she get
all frustrated over sis years back...

Am I over reacting??
Too senitive??
going haywire.....
Baby, don't hug me anymore..
seldom hear "I love U"
its too "cold"
only communication is vis SMS..
Is baby feeling bland in our r/s?
or am I thing too much?

I wish too that I can get a job,
feeling so useless at home...
feeling that Baby is finding me a pest at times.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Waiting for baby to come home...
After dinner, we went for a badminton
session downstairs..haven't been working
out for ages, just feel that my body
wasn't as fit as it used to be.
Baby ask me whether I often workout at gym..
yup, she was right, she realized that when
she first know me I m still fit..
my sleeping habit is making me crazy these days.
I am going crazy....

We discussed about where to go
for our next vacation...

Cantonese speaking
too cheena
**Australia, Gold Coast?
Airfare too expensive
Too costly to shop,
airfare expensive,
language barrier
Been there...want to visit
some EXOTIC places..

finally done with my new blog skin...
tired.....gonna sleep..

Monday, August 25, 2003

both assignments cancelled today...

when to Tampines to eat Buffet with Baby, Mum & Sis.
4 of us spent almost $100.
very full...
After that we took a cab to Tampines mall to shop..
wanted to get a bible guide but no luck...
the shop assistant don't know how to reccommend,
or maybe the bible are limited...
its okay anyway...

on the way back home eveyone fall asleep in the cab..
Mum & Sis when to get Dad's dinner..
I when to check letterbox and went home with Baby..

lazing in the room...

thats about it for the day...


Sunday, August 24, 2003

I remember I set the alarm clock b4 I slept last nite,
was ready to attend Church come it didn't ring?
Hmm.. anyway I really over-slept ,
Baby too was late. We didn't attend church today.

Woke up and saw the sms from Baby,
telling me to meet at wdlands after work,
well about 10 mins after I replied her,
she replied and say she will come home
and we discuss later where to go.

Anyway she went to work again and I stayed at home
browsed thru the straits Times and realised that
there are special mooncakes for dogs.
I place an order via the email.

Baby came back from work, good news to tell me,
the Mdm wanted to give her more assignments,
meaning that she will earn more.
Its really a blessing that she got such an assignment.
She took a quick nap and pack the room....

Mum and sis when out to have dinner with Dad
@ Jalan Kayu, think they wanted to have prata.

we had our dinner at Pasta Cafe.
ordered a salmon combo meal (with soup,drink,
dessert,and main-dish).
Baby ordered a penni carborana & caramari.
dessert was ice-cream asked for stawberry favor co'
it's Baby's favourite, share the ice-cream with her,
*sweet smilez*

After dinner we went shopping,
changed battery for the desk clock and
do some stationary shoppping.
Baby applied fro membership too...
Shop is closing, we bought 2 organizers
last minute, we have eyed on the same organizer,
in the end we get 2 diff designs in case we mixed up.

Went for grocery shopping, bought shampoo and paper plates.
paid telcos bills well, $100+ just gone with the wind
just a few minutes at the SAM machine.
Well that's life...
pondering whether to get another SH line...

top up EZ-link & drew some cash from the ATM,
sometimes just wonder why issit drainning so fast...

Time spent was short, but makes my day...
I'm just so contented....
Thank U Baby!

I love you & goodnitez~

Baby's took a cab down and fetch me for dinner @UBKR
after work. we were comparing the later generation's
education habits...they are so fortunate..
or should I say Stressed? Loilter at UBKR for awhile,
massage mummy and copy 4D for her from Teletext.

Daddy wasn't at home coz he went for the dinner
for lunar mth ghost fest ...

watch "A tale of 2 Sister" a korean horror movie
with Baby @ GV10. was a very draggy show,
the storyline is so simple
but was being drag into a 1.5 hr movie.sighz.
Noticed that the crowd in the threatre majority are teens,
guess they have just finish their prelim...
hmmm..will its midnite and we were busy munching
taco-chips & cheese,sugar peanut and steam corn...

Well, the crowd wasn't right,
laughing throughout the entire horror movie...
after the show we took a cab home and
Baby refused to bathe again..
Naughty Baby...
Didn't talk much coz' after I was back from my shower,
Baby was fast asleep.
Seems so tired.
Kissed her goodnite and tug myself in...

Saturday, August 23, 2003

woke up by a call in the morning,
the spoilt mdm called to change timing for
today's arrangement. half the time I can hear
the person next to her whinning non-stop,
almost wanted to ask her to stop him from doing that.
People are so busy nowadays..
keep postponed the appointments and finally
last call, fixed mon 10-11.30am & thur 8-9.30pm