Sunday, August 24, 2003

Baby's took a cab down and fetch me for dinner @UBKR
after work. we were comparing the later generation's
education habits...they are so fortunate..
or should I say Stressed? Loilter at UBKR for awhile,
massage mummy and copy 4D for her from Teletext.

Daddy wasn't at home coz he went for the dinner
for lunar mth ghost fest ...

watch "A tale of 2 Sister" a korean horror movie
with Baby @ GV10. was a very draggy show,
the storyline is so simple
but was being drag into a 1.5 hr movie.sighz.
Noticed that the crowd in the threatre majority are teens,
guess they have just finish their prelim...
hmmm..will its midnite and we were busy munching
taco-chips & cheese,sugar peanut and steam corn...

Well, the crowd wasn't right,
laughing throughout the entire horror movie...
after the show we took a cab home and
Baby refused to bathe again..
Naughty Baby...
Didn't talk much coz' after I was back from my shower,
Baby was fast asleep.
Seems so tired.
Kissed her goodnite and tug myself in...

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