Sunday, August 24, 2003

I remember I set the alarm clock b4 I slept last nite,
was ready to attend Church come it didn't ring?
Hmm.. anyway I really over-slept ,
Baby too was late. We didn't attend church today.

Woke up and saw the sms from Baby,
telling me to meet at wdlands after work,
well about 10 mins after I replied her,
she replied and say she will come home
and we discuss later where to go.

Anyway she went to work again and I stayed at home
browsed thru the straits Times and realised that
there are special mooncakes for dogs.
I place an order via the email.

Baby came back from work, good news to tell me,
the Mdm wanted to give her more assignments,
meaning that she will earn more.
Its really a blessing that she got such an assignment.
She took a quick nap and pack the room....

Mum and sis when out to have dinner with Dad
@ Jalan Kayu, think they wanted to have prata.

we had our dinner at Pasta Cafe.
ordered a salmon combo meal (with soup,drink,
dessert,and main-dish).
Baby ordered a penni carborana & caramari.
dessert was ice-cream asked for stawberry favor co'
it's Baby's favourite, share the ice-cream with her,
*sweet smilez*

After dinner we went shopping,
changed battery for the desk clock and
do some stationary shoppping.
Baby applied fro membership too...
Shop is closing, we bought 2 organizers
last minute, we have eyed on the same organizer,
in the end we get 2 diff designs in case we mixed up.

Went for grocery shopping, bought shampoo and paper plates.
paid telcos bills well, $100+ just gone with the wind
just a few minutes at the SAM machine.
Well that's life...
pondering whether to get another SH line...

top up EZ-link & drew some cash from the ATM,
sometimes just wonder why issit drainning so fast...

Time spent was short, but makes my day...
I'm just so contented....
Thank U Baby!

I love you & goodnitez~

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