Thursday, August 28, 2003

Mum bought Straits Times,
browsed thru the CJ section,
a printing firm in YIS looking for CSvc Exec.
but the manager must be a blur bug...
the email address on the Ad was incomplete,
and there is no contact no. stated,
I've to search yellowpages for their no.
and get the email. *sighz*
That kip me busy for awhile after Iwoke up..

As usual Baby stayed back OT...
busy with load of work, guess its peak season.
went to dposit cash & activate Giro for SH bill.

Baby was so late, finally she turn up...
with a piece of "spiderman cake" for me...
we had meal at foodcourt, the noodle is too spicy.

shop and scanned my scalp....
looks grossssSSSSS~
the lame sales person speaks Singlish ...eewk!
sound so weird( I've heard of ang-moh wannabe,
never know there are pple ard are singlish-wannabe).
$250+++ for haircare products..???!! guess u got the wrg person..

nobody at home but we are so "proper"...
didn't do anything notti.
feel as if I m no;onger "attractive" or
maybe there are other reasons...
I just don't get it...

I bathe ALONE. eat ALONE.
practically "muted" after we reached home.

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