Monday, September 15, 2003

3 sessions consecutively.....
came home baby's asleep...
wanted to talk to her, she is too tired
guess 2mlr will be the same
750 saved.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

it rainned half way thru work ...
right after receiving the sms from baby
abt Wong's reaction...
as if the sky is tearing on my behalf..
true enuff,
i really feel the pain,
feel my failure,
just feel like crying but i can't
infront of this client i must put up a front.
like it or not i still complete my 1st session
pain that nobody share

Had a bad day after this wong's feedback..
like something stuck in the throat..
wanted to tell someone...
baby reply was:

" just don't make the same mistake in Marc's case"

wanted to shout out ..
"what the F**k goes wrg!"
seems like its really a FUcking business!!!!!!!!!
quiet ...

Sunday, September 7, 2003

Baby and Me...Both fall sick..
Baby had sore throat & Fever.
I'm having sore throat too and a bad nose.
cant take now...
tasteless air...
feeling yucky!
Stayed at home, brushed up in the morning
ready to go Church but Baby fall on bed and
say lets not go for service....
okie~we are both sicky better dun go &
spread the virus around.

when to meet the the Desp.Mrs Wn...
very spoilt kids she has....
feeding him the wrg value ,
I was shaking my head all the while.
"if that is wat u call an intelligent boy.."
unethical acts ...
maybe thats what is going on in the
"rich-man's world".

Friday, September 5, 2003

time really crashes...we can hardly see each other..
weekends burnt ..

havent been updating since connection down...
anyway ,things was sour for a moment ,
not too long, could be just part and parcel
of a relationship...
its back to the sweetie-birdie days again.

well, I've nothing to say about SH cust svc &
doubting their efficiency since.
lets not mention abt it, its making me boil~

Monday, September 1, 2003

When to Church...9am service..
After that bus drive us to OCC for
Church's18th Anniversary...
I brought Mum along too...

After the lunch everybody tired...
had a long nap..

Baby promised to go home..
so she went home alone,
dint ask to to go ?

then SMS me and say she will not be coming
to slp tonight.. Tell me how can I sleep without Baby.
Am I too dependant on her????