Tuesday, November 11, 2003

"Long time no see..."

it has been a long time since I met up with Ann
ever since she start preparing for exam..
arrange to meet her at DKNY Cafe since she'll
like to meet Fong as well. took a cab there coz its drizzling.
waited at the cafe coz Fong was out and Ann havnt reach yt..
Baby's face is very stone and silent all the time ..
walking in and out alone, think she is feeling cranky...

Ann went to make her contact lenses and after that ,
I had a pte tok with Baby outside...
Had dinner at Sakae Sushi..
Decided to haf a Chatty session at the
Cafe outside CineLeisure
Seems Fong was sharing her point about whether to go after "rich man's daughter"
and she seems to be drawing back her words when she said she mnetion this matter before with
M-A-T-T, and switch to "my friends"....sighz ! what's the big deal...
yeah , maybe she is concern about my feeling, appreciate that ,
I've got over him, to the extent that this guy is not worth what it takes.
to me he is just a good looking piece of meat,
with the quality and character of any male spicies on the street...
if he think that he has th best qualities in the whole world, haha, good for him,
cause he might be Fong's Best "Brother" (i respect the fact)
Yet to me he is a cold blooded beast that refuse to help me up when I was a new-bie in Perth,
!st day there helplessly calling him for help ,
as arrange by his mum, but was rejected with just some lame excuses
"It's so late already, at this hour I think my girlfriend won't allow me to drive you anywhere...
and my friend is here today I have to bring him around to familiarise the place... "
I was like HELLO~~~~ I am starving like a lost kitten in a forrest, there u r entertainning your friends...
Well, I think I went out of point...supposed to be writting about today's outting with friends...

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