Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Q&A Session....Hairy Day

Was invited to Safra Resort...wow! 1st time there...anyway before her Guest arrived she was still normal..but when her Xiu arrived in a cab...hahaha...i pity baby..have to entertain her with a whole night of "are u bendable Q&A session"..anyway we can't really sleep at the banglow...called a cab and came home..night day Baby took MC, but got to hand the work over to the other in-charge...at the polyclinic...well free for all service,guess that was the 1st time coz' Baby was ready to pay at the cashier. Went to do our hair...I perm my hair and Baby rebonded hers..was a terribly Painful experience for Baby...now I look like afro and Baby look like "china-doll"..what a couple..

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