Saturday, December 27, 2003

Black and White Xmas

Dress up especially for the special nite..want to give Baby a surprise...
pull out my gown started tailor it to a shorter
hop off to met the gals for the sch gathering...inconsiderate woman...
I was having difficulty appearing in the crowd there she is wanted to eatswensen's ice-cream at BUGIS...
we walked there sighz...!
swoshed into a bench that is meant for 2 person (3 of us sat in the bench.. 0x) Can't even feed ourself properly, that was the worse experience i had eating ice-cream....
then bb called me that she is on her way and she havent had her dinner yet.
when she reached she went to mos burger but long q..
and i went to swenson again..the waiter recognise me..
then bb had FISH AND CHIP.
then we went to zouk.
waiting 4 every1 2 arrive.
waited for almost 1/2 outside zouk.
MARTELL again.
was happy until xxx.slap e slut.
went slap.
that was a day b4 christmas eve.

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