Saturday, December 27, 2003


bb hm to eat black noodle.
almost got poison.
and chaota fish...
was doing some biz with bb in e room
but bb mum laugh in the kitchen.scare me.
b4 i forget..duno where bb mum got 3 porno cheena.
cant even get turn on by that...dun understand.
after dinner we went to meet a grp of pple at chijmes.
WINE ......but the grp of pple doesnt look like wine pple to me?????!
k...took some pic..somehow regretted taking them...somehow doesnt like my pic to be landed in other pple's hand.
after that went to boat q, to listen to soap opera stories and watch pple puke all over the place.that time almost smoked my lungs off..2 packets.....
Eve,sounded v nice name....with the BEER "Man"
and at the end of the night, they started sexy dancing...

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