Sunday, December 28, 2003

Sunday is Family Day

Went for a BIG shopping spree at Carrefour waith Baby, Mummy, Dad and Sis...
bought quite a few items:
Office table
Computer table
Book Shelf
3 Office Chairs
Ironning Board
Cooking Pan
While we were shopping Mummy and Dad went to CoffeeBean to rest ...
After that proceed to Bugis to have dinner ..
Twin Steamboat (spicy & fish head soup)
Baby ,BB's Mum, Mummy , Dad, Sis and me...
I am very happy..feel like having an early reunion dinner..
It has been a long time since we had a family dinner..
No doubt I had steamboat yesterday..the feeling is so different,
Can see that it boost my appetite..
ate alot today...
after BB send her Mum in a cab...
Mummy and Dad went home too..
BB , Sis and me..we went over to shop at Bugis Junction..
I am really happy today...
thank you..SmuakzzZ('',)

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