Tuesday, July 20, 2004

2nd paper...DONE!

YUp....done 2 out of 3 papers...
last paper to go on the 22nd and
guess is the most tedious
one coz' nobody really get what he's teaching.
well...2 days for me to catch up...
Hungry mood today..too stress..
ate pork organs soup at raffles city foodcourt with Bb and Karen.
then went back for lessons again...walk out of the building at 10pm..
sloshed..died tired..hungry again..lol
went to the foodcourt ate fried chicken rice and ice-cream waffle.
then took a cab home..
the cabbie blast the indie music like as if he's having a party...
we have to literally raise our voice to talk...sighz..inconsiderate
anyway..brain drained..
gotta start practising Stats tmr..    
+*^# (x_x) #*+^

Fen ask me to be her model for her makeup practical..
opps...hope I won't dissapoint her...complexion not that good
hopefully she can get used to my face..

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