Sunday, July 18, 2004

Birthday Pressie Seems like a torture...

woke up around 3pm...bathed n get had dinner
getting ready to go town for Baby's makeover session..
hope she will like the surprise birthday present from me
but seems like its a disaster to her...since the very minute
she sat down, everything seems so displeasing... been complaining
thru'out the journey... I took out my notes to study...
but nothing seems to go in , since I've been feeling lousy for giving
her such a "lousy" experience...the more she rattle on and on..
the more I feel like tears boiling, almost overflowing the rim of my
eyes... well, get I'll not be so dramatic then...
look around, take a deep breath...
hope I'll cool down by the time we reach Tampines.
Stayed at Fg's plc for awhile, waiting for her to change and we head
to Bedok to take MRT...gosh~ rush like mad coz' we dint realize is
the last train....

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