Friday, July 30, 2004

Expect the Unexpected Shit

Yesterday Bb went home,missed her badly...
went str8 to the PC to chat after Fen finish
experimenting on my face..near midnight alr.

Got to sleep coz I've a 1-day relief job today.
woke up in the morning feeling tired.
drag myself to bath and dressed
Meet Ann and her sis at Yis mrt station.
train packet like sardines..stand all the wat to CityHall
already late ITS 9AM...yet we're still waiting for the feeder
bus ... went there appologise for my lateness .
Irene brief me about the scope and functions....
she's a nice mid-age lady...

Went lunch with Chris at Great World City.
ya, the day went by, been quite fine...
Irene came by ard 5pm remind me to off the lights
and PC before I leave.and gave me a piece of cake.

The company allow staffs to use MSN and surf net..
so I did ... saw Wense online thot could catch up with him
about his work at GV.
Guess its really DUH! he added Matt into our conversation...
what a cold stage!! duno what to talk about ...
Wense realised his fault ..started to break the ice..
What to do leh?
just be cool lor...ask stupid question like "how's life?",
"how's studies?", "got a car?", "how's the weather?"
all these crap.

wanted to take the chance when Irene walk by
to tell Wense & Matt that I m busy and get out of MSN..
sekali Irene saw what I type and say,:
"you carry on, dun scared lah,
now nothing to do u can relax
and chat with your friend"

In my mind I'm like ...
Yes , yes, yes.
I m Chatting (but not really chatting with F-R-I-E-N-D)
yes, yes, yes.
I have nothing to do (but NOW I wish I have things to do)
yes, yes, yes.
I m in NOT relaxing or ENJOYING.

Came home tired ...
drink lotsa water.. I dint dare to go toilet
coz too much calls to transfer in the midday

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