Wednesday, July 14, 2004

HAppy Birthday BABY !!!

Its ER exam and Baby's Birthday...
the paper is a killer really...
went out of the room 1 hour before the exact time ..sad..
walked to Bugis and took the cad there to Pacific to make the
appointment , hope that Baby will like this present from me..
Been thinking whether to get her a jacket as well..
think about it better not ..
meet Siu at McCafe..talking abt dog and stuffs..
after that went shopping...window shopping to be exact.
I really can't concentrate coz' was too stressed up..
after that went dinner at Scotts Panic..bought a Black Forest Cake from Crystal Jade.
Yes 23rd years... rainning heavily and looking for a place to laze...all so crowded..
went to Mac outside Mango.. they were toking about their China Experience...Baby Busy smsing
Don about the "in-love-with -cousin" matter ...sighz.. anyway , time to cut cake..
Baby's Birthday wish is : to get Promotion Faster..
took a cab home..tired...

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