Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Imposed to sell HP & Swatch legacy Continues

Another day just paddle past...
plan my schedule to prepare and revise for exam..
aside the report..thot' its a grp assignment for 5 person
seems like I done 80% of the work .
some dont even reply to comment on the drafts I've sent..
Class ended 1 hour early 2dae, so I sms the buyer,
ask him to meet be at the location 1 hr from then...
he change his mind, met him at Bugis instead.
waited for 30mins...all the shop closed...nothing to do coz
not enuff money to get myself a drink even tho'
I'm so tired , hungry and thirsty..

What's worse...It started rainning so heavily..dreanched.
Buyer came driving a black honda civic..
check the hp, and damned, the battery give up,
2sec after that guy called out to test the hp,
worse still its without IDA sticker..
I'm not an expert on all these $^*(&*~^ whatever..
he offered 60..so I tried calling Bb for advice..
got thru' but was rejected after a couple of ring.
sighz ..wat to do?? thot Bb had a hard time selling it so , mite as well just sell it cheap..guessed I've make a wrong move..

for 10 bucks I was being labelled, silly and wateva..

Yes forgotten about the hungry part...
sis called while I'm heading home...
she want to meet me to buy dinner
no food at home coz mum went out with aunties..
like wat happen last nite..we were stucked outside
coz mum and dad were so sound asleep
that they dint hear us knocking and calling..
dint hear the phones ringing as well..
very hungry , very tired..

came home think I'm too stressed,
the food displayed infront of me
but I've no appetite at all.

then start to compile,
edit and add things to the report..
finally its all done.
althought its labelled with different colurs
still 80% my work..colour just to console myself.
exam dates are so cramped up ,
thought if I can be excused from the presentation.
not that I dont know or dont dare to present,
given enuff time for me to grasp some air I'll go, I'll do it...
I'm afraid that I'll be graded down for my Group review portion.

Thot I'll get a pinch of tender loving care from Bb...
She's more spontaneous chatting on MSN with SL
and chatters on IRC than
to gimme wat I needed most now -
concern and a word of encouragement.

I know that it all started with my carelessness
to left that swatch in the bath,
I did do all I can to help, thought I was,
think i wasnt helping enuff.

sent email to farward the grp members the conpleted report
so that they can work on the presentation slides.
then there's a e-greeting from Bb in the "mail" acc...
thank you its really sweet of u..
but its so silent..and cold..


I love you...pls love me
Show me love.

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