Friday, July 23, 2004

LAst Paper....finally!

Great, been so long I haven't been breathing fresh air.
got the parcel in my mailbox, wee! the 2 eggies are here finally
airflown from HK.. Meet Ann at starbucks after her work.
had a  long chat, so long haven't meet her out.
lots of things to catch up...agree wif her that some pple that
we used to know have changed.. puzzled with the change,
just let it be as long as the person is happy with life.
QM paper is a mess, praying hard tat I will pass.
++Happy Birthday Baby eggies: Tenz & Ash++
went to buy nasi lemak with sis and bb in the middle of the nite.
bb crave for the ikan bilis, while sis is hungry for rice...
sis attempt to make teh-susu with lipton teabags and milk power.
good try , it tasted like soya bean drink...   :)

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