Monday, July 5, 2004

Mishaps on Sunday...Sentosa

What a day...
Woke up and realised that we'll be late to mit Fg & SL..
Guess they couldn't wake up early as well..
changed to a later time..
took bus 855 to HarbourFront Interchange..
Had a quick lunch at the hawker centre..
just in time, right after we finish up
our hainanese chicken rice they reached.
While they were chatting and drinking their green tea, I went to the nearby mama-shop to get a huge bottle of chilled green tea and thought of getting a magazine, hmm...guess there is not choice only magazine on display is july's CLEO and the newspapers.
what a shop. grabbed a box of methose as well.

Quickie..get onto the sentosa feeder bus and the sky is like turning dark when we reach the visitor arrival/departure point @ Sentosa..
Bb already bought the entry tickets..took the bus ard..
2 trip and got off when the rain stops finally... decided to not to go to the usual place to tan. found a place and get settled down..the sun is not really strong..

was quite pleased withthe pace until when I noticed this person at the other group..
looks familiar and its not pleasant..spoilt our mood...Dun turn aroud and look at her...she keep her sitting position facing us all along...think that we will go up to her and say hi...ya u bet we didn't...go on and enjoy the sun, sand and water..

Time to go...
queue at the bathroom is always so long, never fail to wait for more than 30min for a shower..this time we got to this cubica, no lock, water so weak that we can't even wash our face..Duh! worse still I was re-packing the bag and I left Karen's Bdae pressie at the door in the camoflauged that I cant even see its the door or the pressie...think I forgotten about my mind b4 I came out.

sat outside the ladies to chill awhile...okie nobody noticed that something is missing yet. walk towards the bus stop and was amused by the springy little girl playing the I-duno-whats-that-call...the thing like what u see pple perform in circles...bouncy springy..yupz..

sighz...the group of lemonz walking rite ahead of us...slower and slower...are they hoping that we'll catch up with them and say hi? we stopped for a while for them to catch the bus b4 we proceed.

Had dinner at the same hawker centre...not really hungry, just need a bite..ordered indian rojak and apple-orange-mixed juice and ate abit of fried oyster that Fg ordered..
Bb's reciting the background of this group of pple or rather this particular person in the grp, and we went on toking abt encounters abt meeting online pals..

Karen called to tell me that she's gonna cut her bdae cake, I ask her to go ahead coz' we'll take quite awhile to travel to her plc...found her plc finally and before we entered the lift at her block , gosh~ realised that the pressie isn't in the bag..SOB!!!Bb's quite affected...ITS MY FAULT!! why am I so careless..really as what I said , forgotten to bring my memory out.I left it in the bath!!!!! and now gotta go to a Bdae party without pressie...Sorry Karen , Sorry all who chipped in ..I'll get a new swatch tp replace...

I can't help in anyway coz' it will still be from Bb's pocket ..feel so bad.

Hope this is the end of the mishaps coz' Bb is so bothered about how to survive with the little money left...
think of ways to sell off something...
yes an offer from HWZ..buying the 8250 @ 60bucks hope its a deal..

I can only pray hard.

Borrow cash from sis so that we can get the watch sooner...
well~ drove Dad's lorry again chong pang atm machine for sis to draw cash.
Okie., my parking skills sux I know~
And yet it haven't end here...when we reach the doorstep, realised that the key to the door was left in the lorry...gotta go downstairs again...

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