Tuesday, August 31, 2004

my turn to fall sick

really have to thank my dear friend for the WinXP CD,
I managed to recovered the PC..
other than that, nothing to fill in here..
ya, my turn to fall sick..
well, perhaps the PC passed me the virus.
and wish that somebody will notice my uncomfy.
ie: like the way I fix up the PC with TLC..
well, well, poor me!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

helplessly ...

a lazy Sunday..
nagged by my mum again...
so stressful everytime I eat...
will ask again when will my course end?
have money to leand her...blah...
can find a part-time job...
the xxx bill come alr.... ?
make me feel so guilty and helpless..

Saturday, August 28, 2004

PC fall sick...

sighz... need to say more?/
think the system got nfected by some virus...
even the Norton / Mcfee Virus Scan cant detect.
well...just my luck..coz currently running XP Pro.
but I only have XP Home edition CD with me.
the person who installed XP Pro. on this PC is now
"enjoying" tax-payers' money in some lala-land...
*arghz* 5:33am already and I am still ..yes awake.


Econs lez today is quite an accomplishing 3hrs...
well, guess I am quite ok with this module...
considering I have zero background ...
after the lect left the class...I become the "tutor"..
explaining the elasticity....in DD and SS...factors..etc.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Rainy day...

been rainning the entire day...
feel so lazzzy..
anyway, after lesson went to CitiLink to ask if Re-
workplace still need staff.. too bad she stammers,
should have guessed that she dint bother to enquire for me.

found out for Jamie's wkplace is paying 5.50 rate for p/t.

went window shop awhile to see if any retail shop is hiring..
saw one...went in to ask ...wait for them to call..
probably next week.

LE 2 : Market Mechanism

*Supply and Demand: The Market Mechanism
( Notes )

*The Market System - Part 1 ( interactive resources )
-The Demand Curve
-Price Elasticity of Demand
-The formula

To calculate the PED we use the following formula:

PED = % Δ in Quantity Demanded (Qd) / %Δ in Price (P)

*The Market System - Part 2( interactive resources )
-Shifts in the Demand Curve
-The Supply Curve
-Factors influencing the level of supply

The Market System - Part 3( interactive resources )
-Putting Demand and Supply Together: The Market Mechanism

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

New term starts with Economics..

after 1 whole mth of resting at home..
feel very tired on the 1st day of the new term.
its Econs..well, I have no idea whats that about,
but since the lect said the same thing I heard Bb mention b4:
its about "supply and demand"..
lets see whats isit about..
sort of looking forward tmr's lesson..
after class, dun feel like going home, coz' been home
, for the past few week, sick n tired :P
took the train to Boonlay ...
then meet bb for dinner at a foodcourt...
I ordered the malay rice, no appetite coz' dun slp well
the nite b4... droopy eyes -.-
went to Harvey Norman to get printer ink
took the train back home...
really long journey and the cabin's very packed.
reached yishun...took the cab...took tired..
then saw curry chicken on the table..
tsk tsk...wasted,
what a delicacy but I have no appetite..
ate an egg-tart..
then , time for lights off...
everybody went back to their room..
I stay back in the living room,
watched parliment rally 2004.
Zaizai was chased out of the room by mum coz he's too noisy..
keep barking non-stop...
hahha...obi~ have to sleep at the fish tank...
dun look at me with that puppy eyes...
my room cannot accomodat doggy..

LE 1: (A)Intro to Econs (B)Scarcities & Choice



-Unlimited Wants
-Limited Resources
-Types of Commodity
-The Economic Problem
*Economic Systems
-Market Economies
-Command Economies
-Mixed Economies
*Economic Goals
-High level of Employment
-Price stability
-Equitable income distribution

*Rational Choice

*Branch of Economy






*Production Possibilities Curve (PPC)
-Any point on the PPC = production possiblity
-Any point inside PPC = waste / under-utlised
-Any point outside PPC = Impossibility
-PPC shift outwards = productivity capacity increase
-PPC shift inwards = productivity capacity decrease

*Opportunity Cost

-Absolute advantage
-Comparative advantage
-Economy of Scale
high output = lower cost = narrow variety
low output = high cost = wide variety


(a) PPC shows what is the desireable qty of each goods to produce.
(b) PPC shows what is the qty of A & B we can produce given resources & prevailing technology.
(c) we can produce 100 unit of A and 50 unit of B.
(d) X is a production possibility
(e) Y indicates under-utilization of resource.
(f) It is possible to produce at point Y.
(g) It is possible to produce at point Z
(h) we can produce 20 units of A & 40 units of B.
(i) At point X, what is the oppportunity cost of producing 20 units of B

You can plant either Crop A (100 tons) or Crop B (80 tons).

(a) What is the opportunity cost of planting A?
(b) What is the opportunity cost of planting B?
(c) Which crop has higher opportunity cost?
(d) Which crop would you plant?

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Rotting Weekends

Nothing to do ....
so bored.. my internet connection is very slow these few days..
wonder y? isit the cable or my PC?
aniway, I keep myself bz trying to edit a blogskin for fen..
very broke..need to find a part-time job.

Saturday, August 21, 2004


Thought this pic is quite cool..

Thursday, August 19, 2004


juz got into slamberland...
before I even start dreaming, zai start barking non-stop...
pooing...got it fixed, then the tama babies beep..sighz..
there goes my morning..I woke up early in the morning, impossible.
then mum comes home cook lunch, took a shower and head to tp...
long journey...transferred 3 buses just to get to the office.
then a heavy downpour out of the sudden...
cashless...not even a single cent with me.
managed to get a drink using *-send .after that use my debit card to pay another drink at cafe..since I've insufficient fund to make a withdrawal...
after tat..wait for bb ...bb arrived...had dinner...wait for Rena...didn't manage to meet her coz she's got to stay late at work... tired... so took a cab home..

Wednesday, August 18, 2004


early in the morning dad called and ask whether I drive his lorry...
strange...dint even step out of the house..
sighz, the lorry was being towed away
coz his boss dint pay installments

anyway...Ber say she got the results..
so i quikly went to check the mailbox..
got BBD...sighz..
thats bad..Meilin 'super' got 3As.
I muz work harder..
anyway...follow mum n dad to load n deliver coconut..
hmm.. think when I start working I must let mum n dad enjoy life..
they have been working so hard..
hope to fulfil their dream to go see the world..
they havent been to any other country except M'sia n Thailand.
had lunch ...treat them duck rice..
think mum is prompting something...
was telling me that sis dun give her allowance anymore...
and the Power/Water Supply bill is doubled..

then went to meet the seller for GD88 at lakeside..
Bb came to buy A200 for her mum too..
she's so inspired to get a car like the seller's,
after sitting in for a while to deal the hp.. :)

bought movie tix ...came home to have dinner..
catch 'Catwoman'... quite a nice show...
thanks for the day... been quite fruitful..

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

living a hermit's life

Been staying in the room for the past few days..
ya, bored, what to do..
waiting for the term to start so that
I'll have things to look 4ward to.

sitting infront of the pc ..
searching for a hp deal all day long..

Sunday, August 15, 2004

feel the heart aching...

how should I feel...
my body smell like the food on the table..
in the middle of the night..2am
preparing a meal for love one..

forget about my hunger coz I smell exactly like the food..
took a shower...
bb ate 2 out of 3 meat patty,which took me 5 mins to cook.
and ONLY 1 out of 6 tofu which took me 20mins frying it..
and wats most horrible than to withness the food
being thrown into the waste..

my reaction? ... better sleep and dream .
goodnite to me...
there goes my day.

Love me for who I am

went to town ,
went popular to look for fountain pen,
no luck...
went hello shop to change plan..
bought a chocolate chip ice-cream,
coz' its bb fav favour...
then dinner settled at creap & cream..
in foul mood...
came home...silence...

I am so hungry now...
didn't really taste the food juz nw..
sighz, guess I'm gonna sleep with it..

From: Tz To: tpmz
Date: Aug. 14 2004, 11:22 pm
are u very sad at the moment?
how can I help?
From: typmz To: Tz
Date: Aug. 15 2004, 8:38 am
Show your love..
Once upon a time something happened to me.
it was the sweetest thing that could ever by.
it was a fantasy, a dream come true.
it was the day i met u.
I hope that sweetest moment didn't fade away with time....

if u learn to love, u will love to learn.

there is no remedy for love but to LOVE MORE.
if u love me tell me so. for u never know what
tomorrow may have in store &
learn a lesson in life each day that u live.

the love in our hearts wasn't put there to stay.
for love isn't love until it's given away....
if u love, express it...

Friday, August 13, 2004

Mute handphone pissed off

came to realised that bb dun like to pick up calls...
no matter when and where... calling her really makes me puke.
her coursemate might have this weird habit,
that doesn't mean that she has to follow...
yes, following everywhere , guess after the course,
I'll be staying with a "YehL duplicate" anyway...
it's kinna pissing me off at times.
behaving as if she's using a PODliTe plan...
if that is the case I'm afraid, one fine day if
I'm rob or rape or murdered in some place,
dun wonder y my bb is not he 1st one to know about it,
coz' she'll juz reply a SMS: "sms pls.."

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

It's my Life

different cultures, beliefs,
emotions and problems..
ya human...
thats wat makes each of us special..

Trust no one..

Sunday, August 8, 2004

Countdown to National Day

bb sold my Sony Ericsson...
hopefully will get a new hp soon...
Well, luckily there isnt any sms to reply today.
Can't imagine smsing with Motorola T190..
really makes me boil...
or else whoever receive my sms will have a hard time
"decoding" what I'm typing..
Nothing much happening today...

Saturday, August 7, 2004

Got quite a few things Done...

Prepared to meet the T610 buyer in town with Bb..
while heading towards town, in the train realized
Bb didn't take down the buyer's contact number
& I forgot about the charger..sighz...anyway the buyer did not contact us..
guess he must have forgotten to tae down our contact as well..

Reached town meet Ann, Jason ,Christine and her Friend...

Went to Hello-shop @ Orchard to transfer ownership..
Find out the price difference of Corp Plan vs the Normal Price..

Went Starhub @ PS to get GIRO forms...

At LJS Chris and friend decided to sell us their tickets since they feel uncomfortable
without buying anything...they want to go shopping...
Ann & Jason went to borrow car from his Aunt..

Still got some time in between, so we walked back
to return Fong's hp since we've brought it along...
On the way there noticed Siu @ Mac'Cafe..
Sat down and chat , while waiting for Fong to knock off
Time to go catch the movie...
took a bus from CK Tang bus-stop to PS

Watched 8.30pm "Village" at GV Plaza..
Quite a Twist in the storyline...
"Conspiracy" is the word to use..
the bottomline...
"people like to escape from their mistakes..
FACE it manz...its the real world...lies after lies.."
Gosh~ I think I can be the script writter..haahaha,
coz' I sort of got guessed it correctly
while chewing on my candies ..
and hiding my face from all the "scary" scenes...
Well,I hate the feeling for being scared..
ask me to watch super sad and romantic movies,
I am "on" anytime... :)
and see my eyes all red and bluggy after sad movies...




There is goes....
I am "Gold Lion"

.....who is rather serious and polite type of person.
I value personal relationships.
I suppress Irself and act to be a sociable person.
But I am a person who doesn't like to loose to anyone.
I dislike emotional atmosphere and vague attitude.
I want to make everything clear-cut.
I like to stay in Ir own little world.

If I get in a situation where there are lots of people
I can not express myself and act as a perfect person.

I am not very subjective sort of person,
unlike ordinary women,
but unfortunately I lack soft and gentle atmosphere.

I tend to be too bold.
I cannot help but stretch my hand to those who are in need.
I will help the weak.

I am also weak on compliments,
and will work enthusiastically after someone has given a compliment.

I will go about my duty steadily and loyally,
and not get in a rush to achieve the objective.

I have perseverance,
and will work effortlessly until I reach my objective.
Something that I have worked steadily for a long,long time,
will turn out to be an asset to the world.

I am careful and rational, therefore place value to steady life.
After getting married, I will be a devoted mother and a wife,
but I am a very Independent person,
prefer to keep my own little world.

well how true issit???
I think only 65% true...

Anyone Interested to go??

Ticketing details: Mardi Gras has finished its run. Its sequel Top Or Bottom will be staged at the Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel from August 4 to 9, and from August 11 to 14 at 8pm. There are also 3pm matinees on August 7 and 8, and August 14.

Top Or Bottom is rated RA(18) (for audiences 18 and above only). Tickets at $26, $36 and $46 are available at Sistic (tel: 6348-5555 or www.sistic.com.sg). Concessions available for students, NSF and senior citizens.

Mardi Gras and Top Or Bottom are part of the first ever Nation.04 Arts programme which includes several other plays and art exhibitions. Get a discount off tickets by using the password "Rainbow Fridae" at SISTIC. For more information, call Rainbow at 6440-8115 or visit www.necessary.org.

Friday, August 6, 2004

Lazy Day...

Spending the day Searching for Music on Kazaa
in my PJ and nerdy Specs and bed-hair for the entire day ,
browsing and searching for the Genre of the type of Music..
According to a website, its defined as follow:

Nu-jazz (sometimes electro-jazz) was coined in the late 1990s to refer to styles which combine jazz textures and sometimes jazz instrumentation with electronic music. Like the term electronica, nu jazz is a loosely defined umbrella musical style.

It ranges from the infusion of live instrumentation to house beats of jazz house exemplified by French St Germain and German Jazzanova; to more band-based improvised jazz with electronic elements such as that of the British Cinematic Orchestra, and the Norwegian future jazz style pioneered by Bugge Wesseltoft.

Nu-jazz typically ventures farther into the electronic territory than does its close cousin, acid jazz (or groove jazz), which is generally closer to earthier funk,
soul and rhythm and blues, although releases from noted groove jazz artists such as the Groove Collective blur the distinction between the styles.


Been a long time I since I last stick to the tv for more than 3 hours..
watched sprited away with sis on tv...
so creative...and heart-warming...
I just like these kind of "soobb.." movies..
Guess if I were to be born in my Granny's era,
I'll be in love with one of those soap operas..lol

Thursday, August 5, 2004

Quote of the Day!

Very true in the working environment

Live A Life That Matters

Ready or not,someday it will all come to an end.
There will be no more sunrises, no minutes,hours or days.
All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten,
will pass to someone else.
Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance.
It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed.
Your grudges, resentments, frustrations,
and jealousies will finally disappear.
So, too, your hopes, ambitions, plans,
and to-do lists will expire.

The wins and losses that once seemed so important will fade away.
It won't matter where you came from, or on what side of the tracks you lived, at the end.It won't matter whether you were beautiful or brilliant Even your gender and skin color will be irrelevant. So what will matter? How will the value of your days be measured? What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built; not what you got, but what you gave.

What will matter is not your success, but your significance.
What will matter is not what you learned, but what you taught.
What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion,
courage or sacrifice that enriched,
empowered or encouraged others to emulate your example.

What will matter is not your competence, but your character.
What will matter is not how many people you knew, but how many will feel a lasting loss when you're gone.

What will matter is not your memories,
but the memories that live in those who loved you.
What will matter is how long you will be remembered,
by whom and for what.

Living a life that matters doesn't happen by accident.
It's not a matter of circumstance but of choice.
Choose to live a life that matters.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Chicken Rice

Meet Ann and Chris in the morning, travel to walk togather..
then continue the transcripting...
going to go crazy anytime..stressed up...no internet connection,
that means I have to keep doing my work without resting...
lunch time..Yvonne stand beside me , gime a shock..
anyway , I realised that I dint drink any water yet,
walked to Great World City Food Court to eat Bamboo Steam Rice
then Crytaline treat us ice-cream..I had choco-chips..
after that continue type non-stop ...can't wait to finish it...
yeah` finally at 3-plus..I return the recorder to David..
Jorina not there, so he signed the Invoice for my pay..
then hand it to Irene..
Suppose she has another assignment for 1 mth start 16th Aug..
I can't make it...term gonna start soon..
Then took bus to Outram Mrt station and head home..
Mum taking a nap..
I prepare the ingredients for chicken rice...
make the chilli sauce and the rice and boil the chicken..
yummie smells nice..
Dad came home ..my 1st guest...
he say its very nice` *smilez*
and I smell like chick rice too..oily

Tuesday, August 3, 2004


Thought I was late for work, coz the traffic jam was horrendous.
according to the cabbie, all the vehicles slow down to wait for
9am to pass so taht they wont have to pay the ERP.
Damn~ better give the incharge a call to say that
I'll be late.. then realize that the meeting start at 9.30pm.
Reached the office at 9.20am.. sat at the receipt
talked to Irene for awhile and she decided to raise my pay by $30..
now I know why, coz the job aint easy...

imagine have to listen and type out the exact
dialogue of that 1hr 45 min conference...
8 people talking, and that indian guy speaks with
an accent that I can't catch what he is trying to say sometimes.

Then Jorina released that the cassette recorder dint work...
left the digi voice recorder which I guess they are not willing to let me bring home.. well, have to stay in the office to do the transcripting...
my ears almost turn deaf and I wanted so much to shout at the digi recorder..
what the **** is this..
Its all about IT security issues...
VPN, IPS, ASIC, gateway, firewall, Anti-spam..etc...

after work supposed to wait for Bb at cityhall,
went over to Suntec to see if there is any show that we can catch later..
legs pain, bruises and blisters...
walk for another hour ... muscleache...
sit at coffeebean, Siu called...don't think I have the strength already to move to town..its turning dark, tired...demoralised...
walked to the mrt station, went to Lavendar station... waited so long...
decided to talk the bus to Sg Casket ..
Bb called ...well, I'm already there..had a drink at the nearby coffeeshop..
took a cab home...
walked along the Pasam Malam along the road...
bath....Bb gave me a massage..but her face like somewhere else..
too tired I guess..I fall asleep without noticing.

Monday, August 2, 2004

Love declaration...

To: Baby

this ecard might seems very old-fashion, but i just want to put across to you that I love you.in a very conservative manner...ever since yu came into my life, you make me so in love even after a long way ... all the ups and downs that we gone thru' 2gthr really makes me see what is LOVE. and yes i agree with you that we didn't lead luxurious lifestyle, yet I'm so contented with it, having you in my life is way better than living a million-dollar-life.
Once again, I want you to be assure that my love for you has never change and will never, no matter what happens, promise me that you will not give up, like I do.
- Angel

Sunday, August 1, 2004

I Want to go Sammi Concert & Play "Mergers & Wills"

Event Title:
Mergers & Wills

Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble present(s)
RA(18)(In Mandarin)

Date & Time Range:
From 06 Aug 2004 (Fri), 7.30 PM
to 22 Aug 2004 (Sun), 7.30 PM

Toy Factory at the Attic
21 Tanjong Pager Road, Level 4

Standard Price: $29
add $2 SISTIC Fee for tickets above $20
and $1 SISTIC Fee for tickets below $20.
Charges include GST where applicable.


Event Title:
Sammi Cheng World Tour 2004

Date & Time Range:
27 Aug 2004 (Fri), 8.00 PM

Singapore Indoor Stadium
2 Stadium Walk

Standard - $148, $128, $98, $68
add $2 SISTIC Fee for tickets above $20
and $1 SISTIC Fee for tickets below $20.
Charges include GST where applicable.

Spent a day in town

woke up feeling lazy...
dragging myself to get ready to model for Fen's exam..
she smsed me saying that she will be late .
so arr to mit at a later time..
trying to find the best matching outfit for her makeup theme.
in the end brought a few sets, so that she can pick and choose.
sighz..dint expect that she is so calm..
well, everyone in the room is so excited and ready ..
she got "black n white" for the 1st round..
45mins to do everything up...
15mins break...
12.30pm: next round..
creative makeup..she did the flora vinery on my face..
the title was sprung out at the very last min..
gosh ...phew~
then gotta have some photo-taking session...
took such a long time for everyone to position..

quickly washup my face and change..
there's buffet lunch cathered by the school..
have a quick bite..wanted to wait with Fen for her result
oh, btw, Jennifer is all along outside with a couple of other
classmates came specially to support those taking exams..

Anyway, dint wait for the results, quite dissapointed actually,
went to Taka to get a pair of sandals
(at the sales department,guessed thats where my bdae pressie from the "weird couples" came from).
then meet Bb and we went to take neocards (took 3 of them)
so inspired to take more coz we are so dressed up for it..
Thot of making it a whole day event to spend with Bb..
but some pple are just so inconsiderate..
not to mention names...we plan to watch "mean girls"
by the time we got some "response" from someone...
the ticket is already sold-out.. sianz 1/2!

Then went across the road to HMV checking out the genre to the type of
music that I liked...some how quite relaxing to me..
no lyrics coz I'm reall bad at them..lol..
Then i went to the 3rd storey of HMV "dance" section..
realized that they are actually 2 different types of music
(the 2 CDs that Charmaine burnt for me):

Found some at the shelf labelled:
-Acid Jazz / Down Tempo Compilations

Some of the CD Titles I take note of:
- BarGrooves
- The Ultimate Chillout Classics
- Songs fron The Chillout Lounge
- Nu Cool
- Cafe Del Mar

The background is playing this:
-Peter Rauhoufer 'live' @ ROXY
(thot is quite cool)

yupperz, guessed I'm into this type of scene..
If I ever go clubbing ...
Will see me ard in places where they spin these type of music.
Mox is 1 place, then ...where else??
Velvet Underground?
The Winebar @ Zouk?