Wednesday, August 18, 2004


early in the morning dad called and ask whether I drive his lorry...
strange...dint even step out of the house..
sighz, the lorry was being towed away
coz his boss dint pay installments

anyway...Ber say she got the results..
so i quikly went to check the mailbox..
got BBD...sighz..
thats bad..Meilin 'super' got 3As.
I muz work harder..
anyway...follow mum n dad to load n deliver coconut..
hmm.. think when I start working I must let mum n dad enjoy life..
they have been working so hard..
hope to fulfil their dream to go see the world..
they havent been to any other country except M'sia n Thailand.
had lunch ...treat them duck rice..
think mum is prompting something...
was telling me that sis dun give her allowance anymore...
and the Power/Water Supply bill is doubled..

then went to meet the seller for GD88 at lakeside..
Bb came to buy A200 for her mum too..
she's so inspired to get a car like the seller's,
after sitting in for a while to deal the hp.. :)

bought movie tix ...came home to have dinner..
catch 'Catwoman'... quite a nice show...
thanks for the day... been quite fruitful..

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