Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Chicken Rice

Meet Ann and Chris in the morning, travel to walk togather..
then continue the transcripting...
going to go crazy anytime..stressed internet connection,
that means I have to keep doing my work without resting...
lunch time..Yvonne stand beside me , gime a shock..
anyway , I realised that I dint drink any water yet,
walked to Great World City Food Court to eat Bamboo Steam Rice
then Crytaline treat us ice-cream..I had choco-chips..
after that continue type non-stop ...can't wait to finish it...
yeah` finally at 3-plus..I return the recorder to David..
Jorina not there, so he signed the Invoice for my pay..
then hand it to Irene..
Suppose she has another assignment for 1 mth start 16th Aug..
I can't make it...term gonna start soon..
Then took bus to Outram Mrt station and head home..
Mum taking a nap..
I prepare the ingredients for chicken rice...
make the chilli sauce and the rice and boil the chicken..
yummie smells nice..
Dad came home 1st guest...
he say its very nice` *smilez*
and I smell like chick rice too..oily

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