Sunday, August 15, 2004

Love me for who I am

went to town ,
went popular to look for fountain pen,
no luck...
went hello shop to change plan..
bought a chocolate chip ice-cream,
coz' its bb fav favour...
then dinner settled at creap & cream..
in foul mood...
came home...silence...

I am so hungry now...
didn't really taste the food juz nw..
sighz, guess I'm gonna sleep with it..

From: Tz To: tpmz
Date: Aug. 14 2004, 11:22 pm
are u very sad at the moment?
how can I help?
From: typmz To: Tz
Date: Aug. 15 2004, 8:38 am
Show your love..
Once upon a time something happened to me.
it was the sweetest thing that could ever by.
it was a fantasy, a dream come true.
it was the day i met u.
I hope that sweetest moment didn't fade away with time....

if u learn to love, u will love to learn.

there is no remedy for love but to LOVE MORE.
if u love me tell me so. for u never know what
tomorrow may have in store &
learn a lesson in life each day that u live.

the love in our hearts wasn't put there to stay.
for love isn't love until it's given away....
if u love, express it...

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