Tuesday, August 24, 2004

New term starts with Economics..

after 1 whole mth of resting at home..
feel very tired on the 1st day of the new term.
its Econs..well, I have no idea whats that about,
but since the lect said the same thing I heard Bb mention b4:
its about "supply and demand"..
lets see whats isit about..
sort of looking forward tmr's lesson..
after class, dun feel like going home, coz' been home
, for the past few week, sick n tired :P
took the train to Boonlay ...
then meet bb for dinner at a foodcourt...
I ordered the malay rice, no appetite coz' dun slp well
the nite b4... droopy eyes -.-
went to Harvey Norman to get printer ink
took the train back home...
really long journey and the cabin's very packed.
reached yishun...took the cab...took tired..
then saw curry chicken on the table..
tsk tsk...wasted,
what a delicacy but I have no appetite..
ate an egg-tart..
then , time for lights off...
everybody went back to their room..
I stay back in the living room,
watched parliment rally 2004.
Zaizai was chased out of the room by mum coz he's too noisy..
keep barking non-stop...
hahha...obi~ have to sleep at the fish tank...
dun look at me with that puppy eyes...
my room cannot accomodat doggy..

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