Sunday, August 1, 2004

Spent a day in town

woke up feeling lazy...
dragging myself to get ready to model for Fen's exam..
she smsed me saying that she will be late .
so arr to mit at a later time..
trying to find the best matching outfit for her makeup theme.
in the end brought a few sets, so that she can pick and choose.
sighz..dint expect that she is so calm..
well, everyone in the room is so excited and ready ..
she got "black n white" for the 1st round..
45mins to do everything up...
15mins break...
12.30pm: next round..
creative makeup..she did the flora vinery on my face..
the title was sprung out at the very last min..
gosh ...phew~
then gotta have some photo-taking session...
took such a long time for everyone to position..

quickly washup my face and change..
there's buffet lunch cathered by the school..
have a quick bite..wanted to wait with Fen for her result
oh, btw, Jennifer is all along outside with a couple of other
classmates came specially to support those taking exams..

Anyway, dint wait for the results, quite dissapointed actually,
went to Taka to get a pair of sandals
(at the sales department,guessed thats where my bdae pressie from the "weird couples" came from).
then meet Bb and we went to take neocards (took 3 of them)
so inspired to take more coz we are so dressed up for it..
Thot of making it a whole day event to spend with Bb..
but some pple are just so inconsiderate..
not to mention names...we plan to watch "mean girls"
by the time we got some "response" from someone...
the ticket is already sold-out.. sianz 1/2!

Then went across the road to HMV checking out the genre to the type of
music that I liked...some how quite relaxing to me..
no lyrics coz I'm reall bad at
Then i went to the 3rd storey of HMV "dance" section..
realized that they are actually 2 different types of music
(the 2 CDs that Charmaine burnt for me):

Found some at the shelf labelled:
-Acid Jazz / Down Tempo Compilations

Some of the CD Titles I take note of:
- BarGrooves
- The Ultimate Chillout Classics
- Songs fron The Chillout Lounge
- Nu Cool
- Cafe Del Mar

The background is playing this:
-Peter Rauhoufer 'live' @ ROXY
(thot is quite cool)

yupperz, guessed I'm into this type of scene..
If I ever go clubbing ...
Will see me ard in places where they spin these type of music.
Mox is 1 place, then ...where else??
Velvet Underground?
The Winebar @ Zouk?

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