Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Fresh day ..

been so bored.. nothing to do, my brain is like empty.. everyday is like duplicate of the day before.. sighz! shifted the furniture in the room hope to see something new and fresh, life is so dull...went downstairs to get my hair trimmed, yah, just can't stand the baby hair and split ends sticking out (reminds me of lion's mane) .

exam coming soon, then 1 week break and there goes my last 2 modules. (can't wait to finish up and get a job) before that, will plan for a holiday in bbk to rejuvenate my body, mind and soul. hopefully will get some surprise discovery, been amost 1 year since I get a new piece of garment in my wardrobe.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Its Friday....

Econs lesson is so zzzz... Yuppie, its friday, and it B'day celebration for Bb's Mum. we ordered the new otah pizza set and bought her a huge thermoflask. ..spend sometime with her over dinner and watching TV...

then we head to chillout at the Cafe... just the 2 of us chilling at the nostagic Cafe.. gives me that same "feeling" both mox and the cafe... if I ever got to own a cafe chain, I'll make it that way too...

Finish my proj. send it to the lec via email for him to comment before I hand up the real thing due end of Sept..this is the 4th or 5th attempt I tried asking this lect question related to this proj. his ans will 4eva be "sorry I can't answer ur qns, it will be unfair to the class"...WTF!!! he tell the class that if there is qns regarding the proj feel free to ask him.... if that is the reply he will give us then dun bother telling us to "feel free to ask qns lah!" lawyers!!!
Well, according to the prev batch , only 3 managed to pass his module...but, out of those 3,
2 cheated.. so only 1 pass out of 25....hmmmm

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Aircon Broken Down !

guess the aircon is working too hard and decided to go on MC..
sobz... my room is practically like a oven this entire afternoon.. no only that , the min I woke up, I'm perspiring like anything...think I'm juz out from a shower... smelly saltish..

just finish with my law project.
hopefully I am in the rite track, if not I oso can't help much coz its making me crazy!

wanted to get a air cooler coz the fan simply blow warm luck for that..the sales person at HN say they dun have any... then bought a thermo-boiler, the one at home spoil, bought another 1 at Guardian Pharm, its cheaper (but for Bb's Mum)..

shop abit then saw the Bangawan Solo mooncake counter, Bb say want to but a box for my Mum, then we ended up food testing for almost 15 mins, think the sales gal abit pissed off with us.. we finally decided to get greentea, pandan, redbean, yam. then big bag, small bag..having difficulty walking oso. took a cab home.

when the cabbie drop us, we have to rush to the void deck with all the barang coz its raining bird shit!!!! damn, why must these birdie shit when they fly ard and its like thousands of them in a flock !! smells like a chicken farm. shitty

then Bb say our $$ running dry, coz we bought too much ... sighz gotta hide at home till the next pay day..

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Sweet November

->Depature Date:
19 November 2004

->Return Date:
22 November 2004

->Departure Airport:
->Arrival Airport:

Flight Times:
The airlines will choose your flight times.
Your flight will depart between 6am to 10.30pm.

Connections: Non-stop flights only.

Airline: A world-class full service airline

Your Offer Price: SG$1.00 (per ticket)
Estimated Taxes: SG$115.00 (per ticket)
Ticket Cost: SG$116.00 (per ticket)
Processing Fee: SG$16.50 (per ticket) more information
Subtotal: SG$132.50 (per ticket)

Total Charges:
>>SG$265.00 or less
This is the maximum amount that you could be charged for your tickets
if your offer price is accepted.
Total charges could be LESS, since taxes, fees and charges vary

->Number of Tickets:
2 round-trip, economy class tickets
->Passenger Names:

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Handphone Maniac~ Up Coming Models?

S700i P910 N6260

Any comments on these few models? S700 Picture display and camera function is superb (TFT, 256K colors) !! but no radio function. both S700 and P910 can display MPEG and MP3... Nokia has FM radio but the pic display resolution still 65K colours :(

Monday, September 20, 2004

Be Inspired...

Got Inspired after browsing thru' the articles in Female Magz. Planning to get my own property at mid 20s..Well, not very far away, so I'll work hard. Meanwhile get going with my projects..*sob*

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Movie Review

watched the Korean horror movie THe Gh0s+ with Bb and Sis.
korean movies, sorry to have such stereotype impression..Its really draggy as compared to HK or Jap movies. sound effect not bad, the storyline simple yet need the audience to think abit.. its about friendship, jealousy and revenge..I'll rate it 7/10 not really fanatastic but for the credit of having my family and love one watching it with me :)

Not forgetting about the irretating couple sitting infront of us..keep talking non-stop,duno y they choose to chitchat in the threatre..and the 2 cheena man next to them , oso duno wahts in thehir mind, sit as if they are attending president rally or attending stern and upright, their the whole time I've 2 huge heads blocking me *..sighz...* :P

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Running Errands.. TGIF*

Thk G0d Its Friday...* winkz* so fast its gonna be another week.. think abt it many things happen yet little has been done, especially my projects. Was crazy sending msg to my frds to get over with my financial crisis.. the same person helped me, my dear bro. the 1st time was mths back, helping me with the fee, nw again she offer to help, I tell myself if ever she need help in anyway, I will try my best to help within my means.

I didn't really sleep well, when the sky brightens, my head start to ache, my mind wasn't resting, so I went downstairs to get the newspaper and have a cuupa tea, called up to enquire abt some job postings in the paper....haven't have any food..feeling hungry but still sit in class try to understand the econs lec. a call from the Philips Financial Co. call to arr for interview, so I excuse myself an hr early frm class, went to RaffCity Twr#6. look for James Cheng, then rush to ChinatownPt#4 look for Jamie aka SokYee.

Comparison between the 2 postings:

2pm-6pm / 6pm-10pm
4 hours per shift
If Work 4 Hr=48bucks
Prof n High Expectation

2)Travel Cafe Asst:
Any time (Max. 9 hours)

Flexible Time between 11pm-9pm
If Work 4 hours=22bucks
Relax n Casual
Went to BB's hse for dinner, was speechless abt the "computer story"...just keep nodding my head and smile back, while my fingers keep msg until BB reach hm. :P
then to Mox to Chillout alittle, just like the atmosphere there,feeling not the same as those kiddo plc we used to freq. the lightings, deco,music and crowd is so much nicer and up to standard. suddenly aspires to be entreuprenear...I have a plan, dream big!!!
be somebody! had a bottle of Beck Beer and a fruit punch...listen to BB little adventure and experiences at werk...and gave her sugg on her animal proj. then we head home b4 midnite to avoid the xtra chrg...Rush to toilet when I reach hm.....
then sis told me a secret abt her werk plc , just like "a-boy" in the 9pm sitcom. many ppl at her work place seems to have "something" for her..impressed, she attracts both f and doubts with that. I agree my sis is pretty if she really dress up and her figure is perfect...happy-go-lucky character..sunshine.. all the best gal! hope she will make the right choice.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Materialistic? Realistic? Frustration? Depressed?

Money..where can I find money?the M1 final reminder state that within 7days if outstanding bill is not cleared, will be considered breach of contractual terms.. will have to pay a fine of $700+..if feel so helpless now..wanted to ask Mum y dint she pay every mthly when sis gave her the money, I knw that her business is not doing well ever since the birdflu incident in Kelantan..indeed she incurred losses everyday coz of the inhumanity of the store owner refuse to reduce the stall rental even thou' he withness the bad biz @ market.

...I'm suffocating.........Depression.
I wish to work and have money, at least I won't be label as a "bug". even sis spends her own money,wat abt me?every time I'll get this question from my Mum/Sis/Dad/Relatives: "When r u finishing ur studies?" I wanted to shout out loud ...But can I help to fast-forward the process? I'm useless now, feel -ve

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Rainny Day..

Its a rainny afternoon, many pple would think that " oh it's good time to take a nap", but for me, I have a peculiar feeling today, while taking the long journey in the bus, appreciating the nature's beauty in the rain...view thru the raindroplet is so funny, people running to get shelter, others just enjoy getting drenched in the nature's shower... :) the feeling is so indescribable, like a peace of body, mind and soul.. the FM radio playing (I'm tuning in to 933 on the hp).well, not forgetting the cool breeze sweeping across my skin...brings a thangy feeling. I was thinking , isn't it a waste if I were to be sleeping and dreaming in my own slumberland? the world is so beautiful. *Breathe of misty air*

All these little appreciation is possible because I wasn't in my usual routine, normally, I'll just dug myself in the straits times until I reach my destination. Well, I was just I sec late withness the last paper being bought by an aunty,and I thought its gonna be a rather borded journey, guess not. I little something in life perks me up :) Hmmm.. everything in life happens for a meaning. Its up to us to find out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Medical Leave -.-"

For the past few days,I've been quite sick..
asthmatic, sighz~ my movement resembles 80-year-old granny,
coz' I have difficulty breathing..
took the medicine from the family doc.
it makes me feel so drowsy and shivery ..
can't even hold things properly,
worse when reading newspaper, my hands can't stop shaking...
anyway, I'm perspiring now, don't understd y..
pray hard that I'll get well soon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

My Dream Room....Cost about $3k

ain't it so cosy and breezy...+*+ I wish *+*

TV Shelf Price unknown



Monday, September 13, 2004

1 more paper down..

just finish my OB paper today..
well I was well prepared to ans 5 qns but
guess i should have prepared more coz' topic on
Changes didn't come out...
that really test my story-telling skill
by choosing a question that I have no ideal abt and blah blah..
hopefully the 4 questions that I did can score well ...
If i get 16 for each of the 4 questions I can aces this module..
cross my fingers and pray hard...

And happen that today supposed to have a lesson in the morning but I didn't notice coz its a make-up for the next lez that the lecturer can't make it.
I realised that only when I bumped onto JE and KR at the lift lobby.
joinned them for lunch...

then 15 mins b4 the test, met up with the OB grpmates..
they are very chatty pple, guessed that's y they are in HR ..
1st time they are so syncronised...
"wah, xiao mei, u very stress issit? why loss so much weight?"
i gave them a "question-mark" face...

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Healthy Living

Went to the gym at Yishun Stadium today with sis.
been such a long time I stop gyming..
feel that my muscles need some toning..
Hmmm.. shall make it a routine...
but weekend will be very crowded..
after awhile I realised that I can take it
anymore coz my flu is back...
*ah-chooo~* excuse me :(
then went to the changing room to get changed and
dad drove us home for dinner..
I can't taste a thing.. *sniff*

Monday, September 6, 2004

Sunday, September 5, 2004


went to meet up with Arlene...
chilling at starbucks... and keep blowing my nose..
pardon me for that unsightful action :(
think for that 1 hour, the whole table is full of tissues :P

Hate flu..make my body feel so blocked.
runny-nose and sore throat...
didn't stay long coz I feel like I am drowsy alr.
make my way home ... bath, took the medic...
oh, wanted to get the medic from clinic but its Saturday,
half day... too late.
feeling terrible, worse than the prev days..
coz my throat is so dry and painful that I didn't dare to
cough or blow my nose, I just want to go into
slamberland and forget about the sore.. zzZ

Friday, September 3, 2004

band gathering

woke up late...have to rush cab..
was caught in the jam..think its a waste of money
coz it took me the same time if I take the bus instead.

well, today's law class is terrible..
we discuss serveral cases about contract and agreements.
think with legal bounding every little
actions must be careful to avoid getting sued..
even things like buying things from supermarket
or even taking public transport..

after lesson went to work, boring...
lotsa pple come in just to browse,
with no intention to purchase anything..
stood there for 4 hours and the supervisor tell me that I can go early..
I wonder y... aniwae, it doesn't matter...
I arrange with fen to meet earlier in town then..
sore feet...not used to wearing shoes I guess.
went to visit mei's workplace and chat there for awhile b4 meeting jenn..
then went ard window shop coz we're way too early to 7.30pm..
cant make it...i ned to sit down, went to mac.
my first meal of the day!

then pple arrive one after another..
meet at swensen's..
ordered ice-blended only...
then the suggested prog after dinner is Ktv.
when to the kboz @ cine.
no money alr, very much wanted
to go home coz feel awkward being cashless..
aniwae fen paid 1st ... till 2am ... zzzzz...

time really flies,
this is what I feel after attending the gathering..

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Law makes me mad..

Spent the whole day figuring how to do the tutes questions..
in the end i found out that I did the wrg question..
discussed with claamates over MSN about the sushi question.
sighz with law, even buying sushi becomes bounding of contract,
sounds terrible anyway...