Monday, September 13, 2004

1 more paper down..

just finish my OB paper today..
well I was well prepared to ans 5 qns but
guess i should have prepared more coz' topic on
Changes didn't come out...
that really test my story-telling skill
by choosing a question that I have no ideal abt and blah blah..
hopefully the 4 questions that I did can score well ...
If i get 16 for each of the 4 questions I can aces this module..
cross my fingers and pray hard...

And happen that today supposed to have a lesson in the morning but I didn't notice coz its a make-up for the next lez that the lecturer can't make it.
I realised that only when I bumped onto JE and KR at the lift lobby.
joinned them for lunch...

then 15 mins b4 the test, met up with the OB grpmates..
they are very chatty pple, guessed that's y they are in HR ..
1st time they are so syncronised...
"wah, xiao mei, u very stress issit? why loss so much weight?"
i gave them a "question-mark" face...

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