Thursday, September 23, 2004

Aircon Broken Down !

guess the aircon is working too hard and decided to go on MC..
sobz... my room is practically like a oven this entire afternoon.. no only that , the min I woke up, I'm perspiring like anything...think I'm juz out from a shower... smelly saltish..

just finish with my law project.
hopefully I am in the rite track, if not I oso can't help much coz its making me crazy!

wanted to get a air cooler coz the fan simply blow warm luck for that..the sales person at HN say they dun have any... then bought a thermo-boiler, the one at home spoil, bought another 1 at Guardian Pharm, its cheaper (but for Bb's Mum)..

shop abit then saw the Bangawan Solo mooncake counter, Bb say want to but a box for my Mum, then we ended up food testing for almost 15 mins, think the sales gal abit pissed off with us.. we finally decided to get greentea, pandan, redbean, yam. then big bag, small bag..having difficulty walking oso. took a cab home.

when the cabbie drop us, we have to rush to the void deck with all the barang coz its raining bird shit!!!! damn, why must these birdie shit when they fly ard and its like thousands of them in a flock !! smells like a chicken farm. shitty

then Bb say our $$ running dry, coz we bought too much ... sighz gotta hide at home till the next pay day..

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