Friday, September 3, 2004

band gathering

woke up late...have to rush cab..
was caught in the jam..think its a waste of money
coz it took me the same time if I take the bus instead.

well, today's law class is terrible..
we discuss serveral cases about contract and agreements.
think with legal bounding every little
actions must be careful to avoid getting sued..
even things like buying things from supermarket
or even taking public transport..

after lesson went to work, boring...
lotsa pple come in just to browse,
with no intention to purchase anything..
stood there for 4 hours and the supervisor tell me that I can go early..
I wonder y... aniwae, it doesn't matter...
I arrange with fen to meet earlier in town then..
sore feet...not used to wearing shoes I guess.
went to visit mei's workplace and chat there for awhile b4 meeting jenn..
then went ard window shop coz we're way too early to 7.30pm..
cant make it...i ned to sit down, went to mac.
my first meal of the day!

then pple arrive one after another..
meet at swensen's..
ordered ice-blended only...
then the suggested prog after dinner is Ktv.
when to the kboz @ cine.
no money alr, very much wanted
to go home coz feel awkward being cashless..
aniwae fen paid 1st ... till 2am ... zzzzz...

time really flies,
this is what I feel after attending the gathering..

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