Friday, September 17, 2004

Materialistic? Realistic? Frustration? Depressed?

Money..where can I find money?the M1 final reminder state that within 7days if outstanding bill is not cleared, will be considered breach of contractual terms.. will have to pay a fine of $700+..if feel so helpless now..wanted to ask Mum y dint she pay every mthly when sis gave her the money, I knw that her business is not doing well ever since the birdflu incident in Kelantan..indeed she incurred losses everyday coz of the inhumanity of the store owner refuse to reduce the stall rental even thou' he withness the bad biz @ market.

...I'm suffocating.........Depression.
I wish to work and have money, at least I won't be label as a "bug". even sis spends her own money,wat abt me?every time I'll get this question from my Mum/Sis/Dad/Relatives: "When r u finishing ur studies?" I wanted to shout out loud ...But can I help to fast-forward the process? I'm useless now, feel -ve

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