Sunday, September 19, 2004

Movie Review

watched the Korean horror movie THe Gh0s+ with Bb and Sis.
korean movies, sorry to have such stereotype impression..Its really draggy as compared to HK or Jap movies. sound effect not bad, the storyline simple yet need the audience to think abit.. its about friendship, jealousy and revenge..I'll rate it 7/10 not really fanatastic but for the credit of having my family and love one watching it with me :)

Not forgetting about the irretating couple sitting infront of us..keep talking non-stop,duno y they choose to chitchat in the threatre..and the 2 cheena man next to them , oso duno wahts in thehir mind, sit as if they are attending president rally or attending stern and upright, their the whole time I've 2 huge heads blocking me *..sighz...* :P

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