Thursday, September 16, 2004

Rainny Day..

Its a rainny afternoon, many pple would think that " oh it's good time to take a nap", but for me, I have a peculiar feeling today, while taking the long journey in the bus, appreciating the nature's beauty in the rain...view thru the raindroplet is so funny, people running to get shelter, others just enjoy getting drenched in the nature's shower... :) the feeling is so indescribable, like a peace of body, mind and soul.. the FM radio playing (I'm tuning in to 933 on the hp).well, not forgetting the cool breeze sweeping across my skin...brings a thangy feeling. I was thinking , isn't it a waste if I were to be sleeping and dreaming in my own slumberland? the world is so beautiful. *Breathe of misty air*

All these little appreciation is possible because I wasn't in my usual routine, normally, I'll just dug myself in the straits times until I reach my destination. Well, I was just I sec late withness the last paper being bought by an aunty,and I thought its gonna be a rather borded journey, guess not. I little something in life perks me up :) Hmmm.. everything in life happens for a meaning. Its up to us to find out.

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