Saturday, September 18, 2004

Running Errands.. TGIF*

Thk G0d Its Friday...* winkz* so fast its gonna be another week.. think abt it many things happen yet little has been done, especially my projects. Was crazy sending msg to my frds to get over with my financial crisis.. the same person helped me, my dear bro. the 1st time was mths back, helping me with the fee, nw again she offer to help, I tell myself if ever she need help in anyway, I will try my best to help within my means.

I didn't really sleep well, when the sky brightens, my head start to ache, my mind wasn't resting, so I went downstairs to get the newspaper and have a cuupa tea, called up to enquire abt some job postings in the paper....haven't have any food..feeling hungry but still sit in class try to understand the econs lec. a call from the Philips Financial Co. call to arr for interview, so I excuse myself an hr early frm class, went to RaffCity Twr#6. look for James Cheng, then rush to ChinatownPt#4 look for Jamie aka SokYee.

Comparison between the 2 postings:

2pm-6pm / 6pm-10pm
4 hours per shift
If Work 4 Hr=48bucks
Prof n High Expectation

2)Travel Cafe Asst:
Any time (Max. 9 hours)

Flexible Time between 11pm-9pm
If Work 4 hours=22bucks
Relax n Casual
Went to BB's hse for dinner, was speechless abt the "computer story"...just keep nodding my head and smile back, while my fingers keep msg until BB reach hm. :P
then to Mox to Chillout alittle, just like the atmosphere there,feeling not the same as those kiddo plc we used to freq. the lightings, deco,music and crowd is so much nicer and up to standard. suddenly aspires to be entreuprenear...I have a plan, dream big!!!
be somebody! had a bottle of Beck Beer and a fruit punch...listen to BB little adventure and experiences at werk...and gave her sugg on her animal proj. then we head home b4 midnite to avoid the xtra chrg...Rush to toilet when I reach hm.....
then sis told me a secret abt her werk plc , just like "a-boy" in the 9pm sitcom. many ppl at her work place seems to have "something" for her..impressed, she attracts both f and doubts with that. I agree my sis is pretty if she really dress up and her figure is perfect...happy-go-lucky character..sunshine.. all the best gal! hope she will make the right choice.

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