Friday, October 1, 2004

Another Lazy Friday

I've got this :

"You have 6 Gmail invitations. Invite a friend to join Gmail!"
(Anyone need Gmail account?)

Sounds like it... class ended 15 mins early coz the lec can't stand the sight of us yawning . haha..synchronized yawning session.. ought to be alert but its a whole day lesson, that's y, in the morning, the lect sounds ok, later after lunchie, the lect sounded blur and muffled ( like talking underwater), eyeslid got heavier and head spinning ...woohoo~ everybody feel the same coz, all of the sudden, everybody seems to bring coffee into the class and visit the toilet more frequently then usual...imagine hearding the clock ticking *tick-tock, tick-tock...* practically in screensaver mode until I hear " now , let's see what's less important for exams" O_o*

After class, I'm reluctant to go home, coz its so bored, dun want to start the (bath,eat check mail, watch tv) routine again, its making me sick of life, like a nightmare. then called Bb ..think I've dialled the numbers 100times over the 15mins walk towards Bugis.. no answer, no reply for SMS.. dun want wat to do..then decided to stroll down the phone book, see who will come out at this time, anyway is 5pm , should be time for those who work to leave the office.. Got to meet Arln at Tampines... was toking about her work life and asking me what I want to do after this course...etc. and she ask if I am interested to work outstation at Shengzhen or KuangZhou (dun remember, anyway is in China) asking me to join her work plc after the course..hmm...

The the chatty session ended, wait for bb to meet me after her session with Dn..went home 2gthr.

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