Saturday, October 2, 2004


Woke up feeling aimless today...
Bb didn't kiss me goodbye when she leave the house..last thing she was doing is talking on the phone with someone... anyway, the weather is so hot!! can't stand it... I was doing some updating at the PC..feel like bbq-ing coz I'm right beside the window , can even feel the heat from the wall.. went to the living room had a very late with mum alittle and there she go again asking me the sensitive question that I hate... there goes my day, down the drain....sighz~
moodless, frustrating coz the weather hot, temper hot, aircon on strike! damn day! stone in the bed and duno when I fall asleep, by the time I wake up its already 7pm... then Bb msg say that she won't be coming home today..tml is sis's bdae..already given her the pressie and she's been using it.. :) guess she's waiting for next year gonna be 21st gosh~ time flies.

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