Sunday, October 3, 2004


Sis is really hyper active and super on... she just came home and realised that mum didnt cook today, then she dragged me for supper, walked to S11 near the MRT station... really stink! the whole pathment full of bird droppings... she ordered beehoon and I decided to try the bah chor mee coz, if eat beehoon might as well go to the usual nasi lemak plc to eat right.. then ordered iced milk-tea and iced milo....*burp* very full..think she still want to eat..she's craving for mochi ice-cream and strawberry ice...went to the 7-11 and get the lychee flvr mochi and strawberry ice..yummy!! opps , did I say I'm full ? :P glad I have a sis full of idea to perk my day, otherwise sometimes she's abit too hyper but still :)

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