Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Feeling out of place

When to the library to look at the past year papers...went thru a few better rated ones.. impressive..wonder if I can write something like that.
After that when to have a bit then head to town with Bb to her meeting with her grp mates, 20 pple there OMG!!! I feel so out of place.
Then proceed to the KTV with them..wanted to go river view, but dun want to be gooseberry going alone with a couple. so BB ask me to join them at ktv, I went and was a wrg choice, wanted to rest on her shoulder and cling on her when i feel cold but those are her frds that dint know abt les...sighz...then cant smoke , and the most out of place thing is I feel so inferior in that room coz all of them sing as if they are finalist for karaoke competition... I sing like shit.. i feel better singing with pple that i know better of casually singing.
everything is so impressive...
I can't stand it ....I WANT TO BE THE BEST!!!
and I am feeling @$#%^&*()_+ right nw coz went I say, I feel like going home alr, Bb said "ok have a good rest lah" again I feel @$#%^&*() speechless, dun remain me again... I travel in the taxi alone at 1am .........

Quote of the day:

"I've chop and stamp
to live with her
for the rest of my life,
so whatever thing happen
I will bear with it"

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