Saturday, November 13, 2004

full session

Been a nice day. ..
was at FarEast again,praying hard that Jenn pass exam..
thru'out the session, I'm so kanchion for her, keep telling "faster. no time already" gosh' dint know whether I'm annoying her.. anyway, ya she have no time to put the lashes and eyeliner for me.. when the examiner came in to check, I quicky whisper, "psss...she is not looking here, put the lush for me now.." haha, like kancheong spider, coz only got fake lush one one eye..Then a little short break before the second part of her exam start.. grb a short chat with Jamie and Lyn over at the other room.. coz it's so stressful...the room is like chingay..the other student dressed up their model with gown, wigs and etc..really an eye opener.. Guess Jenn was a little lost when the 2nd exam start, she dint know what to do suddenly, starring in the air for a moment, and I wake her up..after that she dint do what she planned on the paper... just freehand, do whatever comes to her mind.
Think she lacks confident really... But overall enjoy the session there, chatting with the people next to me and catching up with the girls..

Suppose to go home and catch some zzz.. but decided not to, then arrange with Bb to go KTV, but she just woke up...know that she will take a long time to get prepared as usual, bath at least 30 mins, sms her sms-pal, iron clothes and other things etc... bummed onto Ann as I walk along the way to CK Tang, then join her and Jason to shop for her bro's bdae pressie... we almost visit all the possible shop that sell haversack in town, not luck, they are either too squarish or been there for ther last few seasons...well, like I say, when u want to find something intentionally, u can't find, until one fine day when u dun feel like buying then the ONE will just flash infront of!

Time to meet Bb for KTV at carppage .. I reach early, start my own singing, opps hope nobody'd standing outside listening *blush* Bb came and we had a wonderful ktv exploring all the new songs that we have never attempted b4. carzy hours.. freezing.

After that had dinner at Somerset Carpark Street Hawkers...the food there is extremely expensive... 10-stick satay set $19.90 , chicken rice $4.50, popiah $2 !! OMG daylight robbery.. and its not up to standard, i think the chicken rice selling at coffeeshop is nicer..met up with few other pple..considering new to me..but they are rather chatty. Gosh` this little very daring 17-year old gal!! (no comments)I dun really know her well anyway, just suppose to be hi-and-bye.

Hamster drove us to the pub and had a drink, and listen to the live band singing, catch up alittle and seems like everybody is inter-link somehow..what a small world.. THE COUSIN finally appear.. hmm.. alright (no comments) then Don start to target on Hamester... hello!!!! we are out to enjoy, no business here!

Proceed to watch the psychodelic movie "SAW" gruesome and really nice, so far I guess this is one of the best thriller I've watched. I didn't guess the ending , coz' I'm too engrossed.. lucky, nobody bought any popcorn, if not there will be popcorn accidents in the theatre. (10/10) Hmmm..I should have continue with psychology...

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