Thursday, November 18, 2004

I am falling....

Yes... I'm depressed...
I'm not a person that complain too much, Coz' I know its lousy.
I want to dedicated my thoughts to a special person -The only person who can stop my tears, but she is also the only one that can cause it.
Questions and questions flooding in my head. yet unanswerable.
Some questions are better left unanswered, And, I hope, there wont be an end...because I don't like sad ending...

Please make a fairly tale ending that is kiss and be loving again....

I`m in total madness, my tears fall endlessly..the truth is tearing up my heart and I can't breathe...Am I over-reacting to her friends, Am I becoming uncontrollably possesive?
Why did I hurt my arms and still my heart feels more painful?

feel like the endless road without a stop signcant even find a stranger this time why am i still holding back my tears in this fear everytime i ask this would this be the last why am i still talking to myself hoping you would have the keys to cell every song might calm the weather but it just draws me deeper how do i get out of this i think i never will......

Song that Triggers my thoughts:
(Well.. selectively listening to..)
"My All"

I am thinking of you in my sleepless solitude tonight...If it's wrong to love you then my heart just won't let me be right ... Cause I'm drowned in you and I won't pull through without you by my side... I'd give my all to have ....................... I'd risk my life to feel your body next to mine
Cause I can't go on living in the memory of our song I'd give my all for your love ........ Baby can you feel me? imagining I'm looking in your eyesI can see you clearly, vividly Emblazoned in my mindand yet you're so far, like a distant star I'm wishing on tonight

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