Saturday, November 13, 2004

Watch an Indie Movie

Sighz...can't believe I watch this indie movie "B&P" , its full of dance and the usual mass dance featured in most indie show...well, not bad thou'. but the theatre is 90% indians...omg..hahaha...I'll rate it 6/10 ..feeling alittle hungry now.

From director Gurinder Chadha and the team that created “Bend It Like Beckham” comes a classic romance not just retold, but reinvented in a new globally connected world. BRIDE AND PREJUDICE puts an entirely different spin on Jane Austen’s story of spirited courtship - Bollywood-style. Music, dance and spectacle merge with love, vanity and social pressures, as Chadha transports the comic tale of a witty young woman trying to find a suitable husband to a cross-cultural setting that spans 21st century India, London and America. It all begins in a modest Indian village when the determined Mrs. Bakshi sets out to find marriage matches for her four beautiful daughters while there’s a lavish wedding party in town. Right away, the smart and headstrong Lalita (Aishwarya Rai) announces she will only marry for love, giving her mother nightmares. Then Lalita meets the wealthy American Will Darcy (Martin Henderson) and sparks immediately fly. But is it love or hate? Darcy comes off to Lalita as an arrogant California snob. Lalita looks to Darcy like a small-town Indian beauty who knows nothing of the world.

Alternately enchanted by and suspicious of one another, Lalita and Darcy nearly fall prey to assumptions, gossip and a comedy of errors . . . until pride is humbled and prejudice overcome so that love can triumph. Gurinder Chadha directs BRIDE AND PREJUDICE from a script by Chadha and Paul Mayeda Berges, which brings to the plot of Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” elements of high-style Bollywood romance, Hollywood songand- dance and the modern realities of international romance.

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