Sunday, November 7, 2004

Watched "Princess Diary 2"

thought its is a well worth spent money to watch this show..its really funny. the story lie is simple just relaxing. full of wows, when the queen showed Mia's room, so spacious and it's like a house itself..walk in wardrobe like a shopping mall with romote control...
But looking at it from another point of view, people might admire the luxury of the loyals, but the queen really put her private life behind...quite an irony actually: princess's wedding turn into queen's wedding.

think lady luck is on our side, after the show, we wanted to walk home who know there is a prestiagege merce cab parking rite there...haaha! uhuh, baby's fav. so we took the cab home, i was thinking will I have the luxury to own a comfy car like that ...just wonder.
Anyway I'll rate the day 9/10 thou' my day seems just started like 11pm :)
Oh ya, bb bought rocher..yummy...been sometime I havent tasted it..can't help it, I know is really late still get a bite.... :D

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