Thursday, December 15, 2005

What a big FAT Liar...

I see no reason y a whole lots of lies..
came home with 1 dollar coins...
going to school and feel tired after that..
I saw it ...
not only your lover does that...I dress for every occassion too.

Thanks for the TRUTH...its so much grusome than the movie...

The Great Pretender

Where should I start? If I start from the beginning will be a long story , perhaps can't finish within a day....

Well shall start with today then relate it to earlier dates if required. It isn't a bad day to begin with... had a rough plan to go shopping with Baby for some new clothes and shoes...then meet Slina, Cc and Kley to chillout for the night.. Baby had another alternative , to go DB with Ken too. Had breakfast-lunch-cum-dinner at Komala indian fastfood.

Baby bought a pair of jeans from SI. Bought a pair of sandals for me at BT
, replace the broken one, the 2nd time Baby bought me sandals and I dint pay.... mabbe this is why I am feeling "away" from her...its some supersition that I hearsay from some friends, that its is not good for close friends, relatives or love ones to buy shoes as gift...

Then we proceed to RCSC, Baby bought a pair of brown pants from ES, somehow I could get the sizes that I want, I keep looking around, hope that I can get something nice..too bad the sizes left are too huge.

Klly called to tell Baby that the chillout session is canselled coz she will be working till late. However, Baby seems dissappointed, she smsed for other chillout kakis, Dn replied and is going to meet Baby to DB... at that instant Baby's face crumpled like salted deep thoughts and lost concentration... I know what is in her mind... this frd of hers never fail to ask if I am with Baby or not... seems like she is repellent of me...something that has been mystery for ages..I WONDER WHY ! I don't bite, I am not carnivor I am open with many things and best of all I give good advices if she is in some relationship problems.

Sat down for a cuppa and I voice up to Baby that I knew whats in her mind, why not I go home with the bags of stuffs that she bought and she go meet her friends in town .. her face show some traces of guilt and soon turn into radiance..I know that she is happy but dint dare to show too obviously. I crossed my fingers, hope that she be more merciful on me, "please don't ask wat about me?" ... my answer is painful if it is to be from my mouth...I swallowed my pain and remain expressionless and walk towards the mrt station.... she went to draw some cash and head home...

After watching that 9pm drama, she informed me 3 times that she is meeting Dn. and went off. to DB...

stay awake till 5am ... pondering about the reason why Baby is so concern for an aquintance that take her for granted all these years, break promises all the time and only come ard when in need of a listening ear...(That person is Dn.) ..I do not have an answer.... just why Dn is making a mess with a simple relationship, a simple outing and simply mess with me...

I am having mixed feeling... angry that I am not "the reason" jealousy coz Dn is a butch, but somehow this is weird too, a possessive butch...a nonsensical person that dont like me to be around with my outing that planned initially with my involvement and turned out that I have to go home "automatically" -- make way. I don't want to discuss it further with Baby anymore coz it will end up cold war and unhappiness...

sharing happy moments will make 2 happy..
but uhplasants things shall not be the same formula...
I take it.笑着流泪
as long as you are happy my dearest.
I do desire for miracle to happen will have harvest ...
Is that true?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Success - “knowing the right people,” “being in the right place at the right time,” and “using the right tools” - by Anthony Robbins

• Success - “knowing the right people,” “being in the right place at the right time,” and “using the right tools” - by Anthony Robbins

Your career is not everything; your life is. But then, what is life without a career or a career without a life?

• 1. You are always on your own. Even if you work for a big company, you will always be on your own. Companies aren’t people. They’re things and they don’t have feelings. If you are expecting the company to “take care of you” or “do the right thing”, you’ll be often disappointed.

There are no strong bonds in a company. No one cares more about your career than you do. Remember that, and don’t expect the company to take care of you.

• 2. Certain jobs fit certain people best. You do have special gifts that fit you for some, disqualify you for others. Take time to assess your skills, temperament and aptitude in depth.

• 3. Careers are short-term. Your present job can end anytime, even if you own the company! Therefore, think short term. Don’t take your present career for granted. Someone once described a consultant as a person who wakes up every morning unemployed. You should feel the same way.

Wake up every morning feeling unemployed so that you’ll appreciate your present job more and figure out what you’re going to do next. Always have a “Plan B.” (No kidding!!)

• 4. It’s more important to be a “people person” than an “achievement-oriented person” who always win at the cost of others.

People skills are more important than technical skills. Even in technical jobs, you have to deal with someone. The average performer who are easier to get along with last longer in his job.

• 5. What you accomplish today will be your calling card tomorrow.

Your accomplishments will determine your marketability. In marketing yourself, it’s the results that count. A soccer forward who scores in every game is easier to market than one who doesn’t. So make sure you’re contributing something substantial and measurable every day. And make sure you keep a written record of your results, in case you forget!

• 6. If you lose your job, 80% of your marketing for a new position is already done. That’s right. Your reputation, results, accomplishments, people skills, contributions, friendships are all a matter of record.

If you’ve been a contributor, if you’ve been kind to others and easy-to-work-with, you’ll be in better demand. If not, you won’t. Nobody can create friendship for you if you haven’t created it for yourself.

• 7. Changing fields, industries, and functional specialties is difficult. The more difficult it is, the bigger the change will be. Therefore, choose your career path carefully. As management expert Peter Drucker says, “The best way to predict the future is to plan it.”

• 8. If you’re fired or laid off, don’t sue your former employer. Ask yourself why you didn’t see it coming; or if you did see it coming. Ask yourself why you didn’t do something about it. Figure out your part in causing the problem. Then set about creating a new, better life for yourself. There is a better life in your future.

• 9. Don’t stay in a job you hate. Hating your job can kill you.

• 10. Success is difficult. If success were easy, everyone would be successful.

• 11. There’s a special place for everyone. You can create the kind of future you want.

• 12. The workplace is fun and challenging. It can also be cruel and heartless. It rewards effort and planning, but tends to punish indifference and lack of preparation. Those who don’t manage their careers, who just let things happen - often end up in painful, dead-end jobs and lifestyles.

• 13. You are in full control of your own future. No one can deny you a happy life if you decide to plan it and work for it. No one can stop you from becoming successful, but yourself.

• 14. It’s never too late for a new beginning.

• 15. Align yourself with winners. Hang around with winners. Success really does rub off from others.

• 16. “If you keep doing what you have always been doing, you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten”

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Stay Focus

Finally got knocked out by Fen... really my buddy... her advise just hit me on the point....I will stay on with my initial plan. Stay on and pursue p/t degree in psy.

Spend a wonderful and fulfilling day with Baby after work...
sing and tea session @ Chinatown...just the 2 of us, more like a practise session, we repeat few duets just to get the part right... Tea session, seems like a very culture activity huh? nice fragrant tea... I know my stuff okay, my papa like tea culture, have learn from him a few tricks coz been watching him since young

after that took a long stroll, just walk along the road.. took train home.

Saturday, November 5, 2005

"Ladies Fall-in"

After OS meet gals at Cityhall... well, Ping is late, so we proceed to the place she suggested... ordered food while we wait for her...she took a long time to make her way from Citylink to beach road, every few mins I'll take a look at the exit...wonder why she is not her yet... 30mins? i think so dint really time. everything taste yummy, just one of the dish "veg, mushroom omelette" (imagine greenish omelette) *blurp* actually very full already..anyway lemme finish up the description of the "veg, mushroom omelette": smell like stinky tofu, taste like bitting on finely chopped veg, cant tell what veg is that... look like mouldy fried carrot cake (green).. hmm like what SL say : a really healthy food... sorry Ping I tried my best to glup 4 pcs already. Mei is stuck at work, poor gal, we bug and persude her to come after her work ... by the time she rush down to Citylink TCC , its ard 9am, being bombarded by questions abt her bf. Poor Baby @ home, must be really bored... Its quite a fine gathering... on the way home, we ballot for the x'mas pressie xchange & venue (final: Chalet) out of Paris Buffet, Hotel, Cafe Cartel, Chalet.. Yawnz... really tired, gotta work on Saturday again...

A Time to think...

What I want in life? what is my ultimate aim in life?
desired life... what is the next move to make to reach for my dreams.. Does the current job giving me time to persue my dream? balancing studies, work , family , love and friends... Its making me think... can't sleep.. physically tired , but mentally still working on it... stubborn me... can't rest if I dun get it right... I need someone to talk to.. someone to lead me on...that can see my future like I do

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Is this the character of Arian? I'm starting to get sick of my job? boring and earning little. at this rate when will my dream come true? been posted to differnt places, that's what they call cross-training, so that whenever they needed manpower we will all be ready to help. been months, serving on the phone, thru mails, over the counter...different media but still the same nasty customers... coming up with the most absurt and unreasonable request. complaints.. demoralised ... caught with a flu ...still gotta present myself with a smile, cool huh? after the day , I feel like a deadfish ... no extra energy to do anything... except to sleep. everyday I've been thinking, what did I master at the end of the day? smile? be an agent to the customers? bounced around like a ball... arghz! I need more than that.

Monday, October 3, 2005

I'm Back..

my last entry 2 Sept...been so long that I didn't jot down my thoughts.. or maybe I spent too much time thinking that I have no time to write? okie I'm lying... I think I am quite stom\ned for the pass few weeks..

maybe I'll start from the recent ones...

went to Ann's 21st Birthday, hmm... re-calling my 21st back in Perth.. guess she is more fortunate. she has friends and family around to spend this special day with. back then, I invited many people too, but guess they down fall into any categories of friends... maybe some merry-makers. I missed my family, my bb and my friends in Singapore... I saw Irn, but she was just smiling at me, is that a formality? then forget it...Sis was bored, after Fen arrive , she went over to CS to her friend's chalet, I should have stopped her...dun really have gd impression of those friends of hers... sabotage her sec sch days.. We sort of hogged the table..hahaha. 1 pudding after another... my nose just dint work that day, everything sounded so muffled (till today) I'm stuffed up. Ann seem really happy, she came over to give her "thank you" speech... we are just not used to it, at least I am speaking for myself... save that formal stuffs .. I prefer casual.

Before that ....*thinking* I spend time cleaning up at Kallang... cleaniness-freak of me really make me mad #$%^&*() or did I missed out some things?

I remeber I watched a movie somewhere.. oh watched "be with me".. short-short movie... all the people doesn't link... admire the courage of theresa, she live life to the fullest althought she is blind and deaf. whereas some people just take their own life for someone that is not worth it.

I just converted to perm recently, life isnt that good afterall... some people in the office just pick the name of the boss to order people around without asking permission. I was put to watch a charity show unwillingly, just because of her "Boss say...." boot licker !

I enrolled myself to a part-time degree... will commerce in Jan next year... hope I can manage... with the miserable pay.

Bb has been over-worked with the demanding customers and superiors... well,I can only help in ways that I can... sometimes I get moody coz I am too tired... can't think of anythink to boost myself....

Friday, September 2, 2005

The Characters ..

Finish watching the 1st season of L Word..
which character in the show do you think best describes yourself?
Bette: the career woman, director of the gallery... in control
Tina: understanding and loving girlfriend...
Dana: locked in the closet, afraid to hurt her family..
Jenny: Seems like the girl-next-door... well...only "seems to be"..
Shane: she's got the attitude...
Marina: Elegant and intelligent... sexy..
Francesca: too dominoring...hate her snobbish and sacastic can't buy everything ya?
Alice: Funny ... silly...
Lisa: the les-man?? hahahaha....

Monday, August 29, 2005

she's Physically fine..then?

took a cab down to ttsh, what a major jam, the cabby say that its the same everywhere ard singapore at this hour... lucky I got a cabby that is so understanding, yup... but abit yaya-papaya about his driving skills...keep boasting that if he cant cut thru his way then nobody else can, coz he has been driving on the road all they long...he's the pro... then he started yadah about his acheivements of getting from one end of Spore to the other during peak hours within XX-minutes... I appreciate his understanding that I am rushing, but sorry I am not paying attention to his story, I am too tired. I simply nodded my head and sounded like its interesting with a few "wah...uhuh...isits...hahaha...oh~" anyway he charged me $10 no doubt the total is $12.30 excld the peak hour charge.

I reach the ward, bb's mum seems like a little angry child, keep pesering the nurse that she want to be discharged, poor nurse... and she started to throw her tantrum at the Indian nurse, she speaks in tamil, better not be something nasty, can see that the nurse is abit embarrassed. sorry, guess she gotta be pro and used to difficult folks like her... Then she claimed that the food sux, so I bought her some fish porridge and water-melon juice from the foodcourt... feed her and coax her to eat more like a little child...Bb is running late, the visitation hour is ending in fast ya? I keep finding reasons, until I give up ...she started to talked about planning a chalet and bbq for birthday, but..... will she be well then?

The nurse called in the morning, said that bb's mum is getting agitated..rushed to the hospital...blood stains on the bed linen and her clothes...guess she must have struggled with the nurses... as expected, the nurse describe: challenged nurses with the chair....but when we reach she is perfectly calm, still telling us her plan for her birthday chalet bbq and ktv..inviting my family... I feel have mix feelings to her plannings...sad? excited?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Why is the week so long?

The week seems never ending, work is so hectic, people are taking mc and leaves as and when they like, think I am going crazy with the kind of custmers...arghz* dad and sis fetch me from work...totally exhausted , almost falling asleep on the way home.zzzzz.. thats how tired I feel. friday? are u coming soon?

Bad news came in the evening, Baby called, her mum is making a scene again..why is she so stubborn...sometimes I just couldn't get her...refuse to do the right thing.. doctor's advices are down the drain. Knew that her illness will relapse someday, just duno when will it be.. was brought to ttsh again by the ambulance. wanted to go down but baby said its alright, I really feel her stress, with the roller coaster ride her mum is giving her... shall pay her a visit tmr, she how it goes...

meanwhile I'll just keep bb company by smsing her...did I just fall asleep somewhere? I sorry, I am too tired. glad everything is fine.

ps: Baby hang on there... I'll always be there for you..

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Weekend over at JB

started a fine sunny morning as we set of from home... as we were travelling in the train..a sudden downpour..gosh is this trip gonna be called off or what... fen still stuck in the neighbourhood... well, might as well catch our breakky at CWP and change some ringgit.
decided to meet at the checkpoint then... gosh long queue over at the M'sia custom...what duh! so many "non-existence" lines...what a rotten luck that we're in one of those.. took almost an hour just to get our passport chopped. arghz totally inefficient...

Shopped ard at CSq.. nothing much to buy..the instead I am having alot of and more food...what did I eat? Bk in the morning...1 hour plus later, portguese chicken and egg tart, Mcfurry oreos, kfc over at HInn Plz..then a sumptious spread at Dama Grd...stingray, satay, fried kway teow, chilli crab, mantou, veg, 2 mug of sugarcane juice...*yummy* oh-oh gonna gain a couple of kilos , at this rate I'm eating.

Bought some shows too... adding to our collection is the L word...totally drama, sexy ...and a few other hk comedies..thats what we'll be doing for the next few weekends...watching DVDs..

The way back is faster compared to the morning when we queue like 1 hour , this time we cut our way thru, walah~ so proud of my skills haahah*

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Congrats to me, myself and I..... guessed I've fufilled my 1st resolution in a stable income...might not be alot but still, I'm still holding on to it... Next step to get my 1st degree...I'm in a dilemma in deciding which one to take: a double major (Business & Psychology) or a concentration of Psychology? I'm afraid to make the wrong move... Asked opinions of many people, thou' I've already have an answer for myself..just need some assurance.

Its going to a big change if I pursue my degree...for the moment, what I can think of is the saving I say my income is not alot, so there I go..gonna be savvy in some ways..Dad, would you fetch me after work...heheehe~

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Meeting Old Friends

I am not good at wine tasting... but I truly believe that old friends are like vintage wine.. even not seeing each other for some time we still have the bond... the taste of good old times...

Been meeting up with some secondary school kakis... the band , the class, the recess and before/after school gossipy kakis...*winkz*5 peeps meet @ Bugis, seems like all of us still in common topic...the current topic "work", "money" and "who is getting married next huh? are u going to the wedding banquet?" I brought them to my fav hangout cafe after dinner... everyone's reaction seems the same..the lazying-falling-asleep mode. shall catch up again coz my mistake to mix 2 diff "genre" togather.... Second meet out was Friday, meet @ Yishun, had dinner and watched "7 sword"..

Thursday, August 4, 2005


Received 2 similiar news from 2 is my current co. and the other one later via phone. been temp for 1 month at Company A, temp pay really sux, cant even live a normal live with that miserable amount, while I was browsing online for job openings, I got an internal call from the HR section, asking me to go for interview on Thursday... Well, is that God's reply? I was happy for a while until I checked my email - got an email from Company B to go for interview next Monday... I am caught in a dilemma.

On the day of Company A interview, 4 of us (the temp) were kind of nervous, awaiting for the interview after our lunch... I am the 1st to be called up. Got my documents verified and was asked to sit and wait...supposed I'm on time, waited 30min before i faced the panel of interviewers (3 of them - the mgr, the head, the hr)....*gRroooob* and the question is to tell them about my previous work experience and how do I find the current working environment and scope after all these time being temp? well, guess I dint arrange my "speech" very well, half the time I realised that my sentence construction is a mess... and i stumbbled...

After the interview , I m back to the office, everyone keep asking me "hw is it? how many people, what question they ask..etc" , then started comparing how their interview were like when they started there... the office market place... then my colleage is next to go...I wish her like and she came down looking exactly the way i look few minutes ago... *winks* icy cold hands.

We dint ask much about the term of employment... having a small gathering at the pantry when the mgr pops his head in and casually ask, "are u all orite with 2 years contract?"... we got a shock and puzzled look, then *nods* ... B-L-A-N-K.. what does it suppose to mean? no one knows if we are in or not...

I am still thinking whether to go for Company B interview on Monday... any comments? i need some advices...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

change in singapore private housing policy advantageous to gay couples

July 20, 2005
By News Editor

Eased restrictions on property financing and foreign home ownership will benefit same-sex couples who are planning to jointly purchase private residential properties using their pension funds and foreigners looking to buy private homes in Singapore.

Thirty-something couple, Jann and Wei, who have been together for two years were ecstatic when the Government announced that two non-related parties can now jointly purchase a private residential home using their Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings or pension funds.
“We’ve been mulling over buying a condo unit together for some time but have been unable to do due to previous restrictions on using both our CPF monies,” Jann said. “It’s wonderful that we now utilise our CPF funds as not being able to do so would really limit our options.”In a surprise announcement on Tuesday, the Government revealed that two non-related parties such as same-sex couples can now jointly purchase private residential properties using their pension funds as a longstanding rule that prohibits non-related parties from using their CPF savings jointly in the purchase of private properties was lifted.The move is part of its package of policy changes relating to the property market announced by Singapore Minister of National Development Mah Bow Tan in parliament.Previously, only joint owners who are immediate family members (i.e., spouse, children, siblings and grand-parents) may utilise their CPF monies in the purchase of a private property. Same-sex couples who wished to finance their property jointly could only do so if they were both unmarried Singapore citizens, 35 years of age or above and purchased a Housing & Development Board (HDB) or public housing flat from the open market.The measure attracted garnered some debate. According to the Singapore Business Times, Ho Geok Choo (West Coast GRC) asked in parliament if the new CPF ruling went against the Government's 'pro-family policy' and if making CPF savings available to non-related singles for buying private property would "promote homogenous gender or heterogenous gender" partnerships.National University of Singapore Environmental Management Programme director (School of Design and Environment) Dr Malone-Lee Lai Choo, said in reply, "If people want to live together, they don't need to buy their own property to do it."The longstanding rule that only single citizens who are at least 35 years old can purchase a HDB flat from the open market remains unchanged.The new regulations would also permit foreigners to buy apartments in non-condominium developments with fewer than six floors in addition to condominium units – although they will still need approval to buy landed property.As there appears to be no restriction on the use of CPF savings by non-Singaporeans, it is expected that non-related singles, Singaporean or not, would be allowed to use their CPF savings to jointly purchase private residential property.Foreigners seeking permanent residency (PR) status can now invest up to S$1 million (US$590,000) in a private residential property as part of the S$2 million they need to invest in the city-state to be considered for PR, provided he meets other conditions.Under the revised regulations, buyers will be able to borrow up to 90 per cent of the total purchase price instead of the previous 80 per cent for both private and public residential properties. Cash downpayments will be cut to five per cent from 10 per cent, with the remaining paid from the buyer’s CPF account. For HDB flat buyers, the cash downpayment now at four per cent – which was originally planned to reach 10 per cent in 2008 – will be capped at five percent from 2006.Buyers can now tap on their CPF savings to buy properties with remaining leases of between 30 and 60 years. Previously, buyers could not use CPF funds to buy 99-year leasehold properties with less than 60 years left on the lease. CPF withdrawal limits for the purchase of such properties will however be pegged to the age of the purchaser and the remaining lease of the property to ensure that an owner will not outlive his property, based on the average human lifespan of 80 years.Nearly all the policy change will come into effect immediately.Property-related stocks on the Singapore stock exchange soared to multi-year highs yesterday as analysts called the move an effort to revive one of Asia's most sluggish markets. Mah however maintained that revising the policies was “neither to boost nor depress the property market” but changes “from time to time is necessary to ensure their continued relevance to broader social and economic objectives” and to “improve structural rules” and “functioning of the property market.”Observers say gays and lesbians living in Singapore will greatly benefit from the change in regulations, especially the large number who are in long-term relationships. Now that they are newly eligible to combine their incomes and CPF to purchase private residential property, developers and those selling their property are likely to see a spike in gay and lesbian couples shopping for their first home. This will apply across the board to all classes of property, from economical to high-end luxury developments, as there is a broad range of income levels in the gay and lesbian community.In 2001, Fridae polled its gay and lesbian members residing in Singapore. Of the 595 respondents, 39 per cent declared that they were "attached" or "living with partner." Furthermore, 40 per cent of the respondents who were in relationships have been with the same partner for more than six months at the time of the survey.The same survey revealed that a high proportion of respondents lived with parents, while only 22 per cent indicated that they own or rent their homes. This is despite the relatively high income levels of the respondents, with 50 per cent earning more than S$80,000 (US47,00) per annum – 20 per cent reporting income levels of more than S$180,000 per annum, 11 per cent between S$120,000 to S$180,000 and 19 per cent between S$80,000 to S$120,000. The low percentage of home ownership is thus likely a direct result of regulations that have until now restricted non-related singles from jointly owning private or HDB property. Some 80 percent of the 4.5 million people in the city-state live in public housing. Ninety-three percent of the population owns a home – the highest ownership level in Asia.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Happy Shopping

Been hanging out around town after work... though I feel totally exhausted after whole day handling those freaky calls... just wanted to get a perfect gife for Bb.. can't decide what to buy coz' I feel like buying so many things for her... her Bdae, Hmmm..seems like I'm more excited :)
Just few days ago, I attended a school mate 21st Bday party... Well, good time to catch up with the old friends... thought her house is filling up, almost heating up , feel so stuffy in there, anyway, we just self entertain, help ourselves with the food and autograph.. ok back to the shopping part... after all these days of picky choosy shopping, I finally decided to get the bag.. look sleek and minimal, hope she like it and the 2nd gift is a 2 piece swim suit (seems like she is into sun-tanning these guess its a great gift)... body hugging one huh *winks* the last one ....*ta-dah* I won't tell 1st, coz' I haven't give :p (Make a wish..)

Saturday, July 9, 2005

Lost in Time

forgotten when was the last time I blog.. currently I'm working as CSO.. suppose to be a temp job, awaiting for the HR people to process my application for the actual job that I applied for.. what takes them so long huh? well, I was supecting that its a scam.. when I started working there, realised that they really need staff urgently, many of them leaving ...sighz..
Not too bad thought.. I was attached to an experienced CSO, listening to how she handle enquiries, complaints etc. Then was put to the test.. last hour of the day, I was ask to attend to calls.. well, quite ok coz are sort of "default" calls and info are right infront of me..

No fix lunch hours.. break schedules are planned everyday, sometimes earlier like 11am or as late as 2.30pm... so wise advice from my "trainner": stock some bites so that u can munch if u get late lunch or, pre-matured lunch... Gosh! like that I will grow fat leh...sit there all day, still eat ? the only time that I get to stand is to the loo and taking MRT..

I feel that a day is so short after I start working.. not mentioning the time spend in the office... how many hours left to enjoy life? even so the first thing that come to mind is "zzzzz..." Weekends' really precious ... Not able to stay at home for the weekdays coz its really too tedious to travel from home... decided to move to Baby' least I won't have to change at Jurong East stn. So I was thinking ...weekend is for my family... feeling very guilty everytime Mum or Sis called after my work to ask about me... "how is work, is the people good to u, when r u coming home, wat did u have for lunch...etc ?"

Planning to save up , coz I really have so many dreams to fulfill.. save up to travel the world (one at a time of course, hopfully once a year), save for a degree in psychology and management, save for a *vroom* car, save for my own nest.. alr visualising the decor and theme for my own for Mum and Dad retiring.... .... erm.. am I out of track?

Entries above is not sorted according to time...
I'm abit lost , forgotten wich come first haha*

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Inner thoughts...Ironic

Been thinking too much...thats what people always say. Is there such a thing? I have been spending a lot of time thinking about relationship... there I go...coz I am emotional, too emotional 10 times more emotional than anyone I know of. My baby can't even catch my thoughts sometimes. Many a times we have conflicts becoz of varoius issues...most of it trying to fix my uncontented heart...I get jealous easily, dreaming of romantic relationship, envy of loving couples and I am layman's words "I am a super glue". I don't deny that. Well, to me love is always selfish, I treasure it like a possession...thats where the word "posessive" derive from isnt it? I love someone I'll not hide, and I want my baby to treat me this way too... passionate. Shy? not in a relationship... "No self-esteem, no confidence "..these are some of the words I get when I get jealous... feel like an explosive pacel...

I am tired of getting into a new relationship, fear that things will get back to the same after the honeymoon period... to me there is no expiry to honeymoon...I can get on and on ... feeling "sweet" is my motivation (fuel) to go on... I am a nostagic person... afraid to risk, thats why things still goes on after I complain about this and that...sighz..."no character" right? coz I say that I hate "sorries" but all the time sorry comes from me...for being too emotional...
*slap me please*

I'm rather disappointed with some friends...whether its newbies or some that I've known for few years... Well, somehow feel cheated...

Friday, June 10, 2005

Fast Fordwarded

Everythings seems fresh and interesting with a new bunch of people... for me I got to know them few days after baby know them from the same channel online...been hanging out together since we met at FV..

Dn and Tra soon become a couple, is that crush or fast pace of the young ones? they broke up in 3 days..that was fast huh? Dn got quite disturb by Tra stickiness and the huanting endless smses... Dn and Eln meet us for a badminton session at the court alot and got to know their heroic history....been in the same sch as Dn, and she kip calling me snr...I didnt know that she is such a fight...gangster is that the right word?

CTna, a mysterous one... keep saying that she is not rich, but always see her driving different cars and she will ask "whats the plan today?" almost everyday since we met...she claim that she like feminine gals, claims that she is "1/2 andro" is there such a label? well, she dun look like one.. she is rather selective when choosing the person to talk,the word they use is "small talk" (something new to me) , I wonder why it must be my Baby..ya I'm jealous so what, I've the right to feel that way orite? Can you imagine my Baby willing to travel out a long way to meet her for dinner (alone), full of excuses! ... *stop me please* may say that I think too much but I still feel that she is not that simple.

Eln, she simply like the wrg person, and that person she like take her for granted. *knocks* why is she so gaga over a "player" one that attracts so much attention and order her around like a maid....she is oso another one with lotsa street fighter history to share...aiyo~

Who should I talk about next? Hmmm... Fng, she hang out with us often too...Well, the reason is still gals, the wrong one thot'....the gal is the gf of the one that Elna is admiring..seems abit complicated ...sighz..anyway this is how it goes for the moment.

seems like a bunch of women troubles huh?

Baby, seems happier after knowing this group of friends...I admit that Im still as possessive as ever, thats me ya? But I m glad that I got to know wats happening ...I know its not 100%, minus the "politics" among them, the private "small talks" ...I wonder how much I've missed out...

Thursday, June 2, 2005

lousy me

Why am I bumming? Why am I rejected? Why am I not the one? Why am I such a lousy girlfriend? My answer: I am not good enough, I am lousy, not pretty, not sweet talker, eyes too small look slepy, brainless, dazed, dim, half-witted, idiotic, moronic, nonsensical, obtuse, rash, senseless, simple-minded, slow, sluggish, unintelligent. I m broke, depressed and simply I AM A LOSER!!!!!! In relationship I am narrow-minded, prejudiced, self-centered, stingy, ungenerous, conservative, defensive, emergency, jealous,possessive, preservative, protecting... Why am I still living? should have condemned me and get ride of me from anybodys' life once and for al.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Distant Friendships

Was woken up by doggie early in the morning. Coghing like crazy, in a daze I drank 1/2 bottle of the cough syrup, thats about 50ml. Meet Bb at Cent Sq to repair Dad's Samsung phone in the evening. had dinner at the foodcourt, Bb ordered curry chicken rice. I have no appetite after the cough syrup took effect, I feel myself very tired and every movement seems very slow... After dinner, shopped around the complex and Bb discovered that her styllus is missing from her phone, must have dropped somewhere at the food court earlier on. Her mood change totally and started finding faults with me about other stuffs....Gosh what to do ? later going to Fisherman V to meet Bb butch friendS at an unknow guy friend's party. Reached there about 9-10pm play at the swing before Bb called the Butch and we are like attending some alien's Bdae, guessed the Bdae boy must be real rich.... there's DJ spinning his favorite tracks, a buffet (ended by teh time we reached) a few tables of friends (drinks on the bdae boy)...Mgo Hmm... Thot that he's a gay, coz his face's "full-dress" anyway, was intro to a few pple: Eln, Jlyn & Emi (couple), Irne, Jonthn (a guy from The US), Uncle Joe, Dn (aka as T**H**Y****, always find her familiar, like one of my ex-band mem.), T-ramizu(lind) and a gal who drove us but dint join us? (weird?), one of the dj that sings real well (her voice seems like echoing on its own without any mic). Most of the pple left after 2-3am.... we stayed to wait for T-ramizu to knock off lucky fng was there, I know that Bb will go gaga, so all the time I was chatting and drinking beer with fng , while Bb played big2 PR with her new frds..etc. More pple got drunk...and started the sex topic...and the couple started kissing in demand of the crowd, free show ... laugh and tease and drama until about 4pm butch, Bb & me, Fng stayed over at Dn's place @ Compassvale...showed us her ex's photo and the traces of memories in her room....always wanted to ask her whether she is from NB Band, but I forgot her name, Hui-something.... I fall asleep the rest of them still playing and teasing the 19yo tall gal .... thats really call a pack of "wolves"... wake up in the morning, took a cab back to yishun with BB and the butch. Guess its time that I can sms some buddies to confirm Dn's name....I got it. Had breakky at the kopi shop then Bb & the butch started sharing experiences...zzzzz.. Dn called Bb, and Bb ask her, "oei r u frm Nb? in band ; flute n percussion? my gf think u r her junior.... *erm....* then Bb passed the phone to me...1st thing I hear "Hi senior..." thats life, always round and colourful...

Monday, May 30, 2005

Papa's Birthday

Dad open the pressie after work, gald that he liked the yellow shirt...wear it for dinner.. lol abit over dressed, nevermind, his birthday must be special huh.. had thai food, the servings of each dishes seems alittle to small for us, in the end we ordered 2nd round *opps*:
Fish, Cuttlefish, Fish maw soup, Baby KaiLan, Fried Thai Glass Noodle, Pineapple Rice..thats the spread for dinner... Shop around the complex until Dad stop at the massagging chair roadshow, the sales person invited him ttill Dad cut the cake... o try, Mum dint dare to try, we bring her shop around while Dad enjoy his full body massage...9.30pm...Papa~ we already finish shopping, are u done ~ came home and have the singing and cutting cake session... poor doggie, eyeing on the cake the very minute I brought it out from the fridge... oh no! the fruit toppings is making cutting cake a challenging task... Before I solve the cake part, Mum and Dad already busy withthe durians...sob* took me long time to distribute the cakes, coz half the time I'm busy watching tv.. thats all for today.. *yawns*

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Movie Review: Monster in Law

Wow, those who havent catch this show, I reccommend it ..its hilarious!
Anyway not to even mention JLo's fabulous fig. Somehow the show reminds me of the little things that happen in my life as well... Hmm.. Shopping for Lynz's Bdae pressie and card... and for Dad's bdae pressie too... May and June are the busiest period of the year... May (Mothers; Day & Dad Bdae) , June ( Fathers' Day & Mum's Bdae).... POcket burning gosH! talk about burning... Baby went sun tanning and came home looking like a burnt breadman.... and she's happy about it....

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sharing a Little Song ...

Been addicted to the songs from the movie Butterfly:

Hopscotch & Chet Lam (林一峰)

The best is yet to come
永遠有一個吻未嘗 有些燭光未燃亮若愛太苦要落糖 結它斷線亦無恙To hug someone to kiss someoneThe best is yet to come若要錯失永不能守 得到也不代表長久假使快樂有盡頭 痛苦也未會不朽寂寞半點假如不能承受 這生命注定過得不易笑與淚 亦有時候To hug someone to kiss someoneThe best is yet to come若你說不再聽情歌 不想再經歷這漩渦假使抱住你拳頭 到底也沒法牽手就是為了追求一時平靜 將感情隔離半點感動都扼殺沒法承受 永遠有不妥協傷口 有些憾事不放手若你太刻意淡忘 越會補不到缺口Why don't you just hug soneone just kiss someoneThe best is yet to come最好的尚未來臨

Interview at SC Bank

Got up really early, pack my stuff, wash up, makeup and do whatever before I head for that interview in the afternoon. Sitting in the cab, enjoying the view along the road as I slowly enter a dreamy setting.... I wonder why am I still in the search for job. Is there a problem somewhere in me ? friends and close ones keep prompting me about job. job, job...I'll want to be like them, busy working and filling up their time, working out the brain. I feel a little ashamed to meet up with my ex-classmates and buddies at times, saving my face when the topic revolves around work and money. The interview like a routine that I have to go through every once in a blue moon, will end by saying "we'll contact you soon, thanks for coming ". Well 90% will not call, isnt it a polite way of getting me outta the premise? Wander around the library after returning the books... browsed around and finally got 2 brain-xercise books and 2 story books. Hope they will keep me occupoed other then sitting infront of the computer all day, browsing the job sites and classified jobs everyday, been a routine for months. Time really fly, by the time I reached home its near dusk, open the letterbox to see if there is any replies from those numerous resumes that I've sent out. no luck, just a few bills and bank statements... Share my thoughts with Bb as we play literati... yaddle over the phone, was feeling drowsy when suddenly she plonk me a question " do you think you'll be happier without me in your life? or the one in your life is someone else?" I ponder for a moment, thinking about the mishaps that happened to friends around me...I kept silent...nope..why did she ask? time to recharge myself, good night..

Monday, May 23, 2005

Shopping Day for Baby

Went to town after brunch at Kallg... really crowded. Duno whats wrong with me, I started blabbering some nonsensical stuffs, whatever that flash across my mind. I think I havent got over the emotional concert last night. Baby looked at me puzzled as she listen.... thats me, don't know what I'm doing , zombie.Wealked from Wisma, bought wax, then scout around for Baby's perfume...have dinner at the Latituade/Horizon nice place to watch the crowd from above... Had a salmon sandwich , share a salad with Bb, vanilla tea... Bb had fish & chips, rossy drink. the food come in tiny survings , seems like I'm getting hungry only after we finished the BUt its too late, by the time we go other places, its closing time... BAck to Taka, Bb bought the perfume set and we proceed to the bus-stop to catch my bus. She drop at the Mrt station and head Kallg. Sms her all along the bus journey home... still having my mental blockage...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Nostalgic Concert

Meet Arl today at bugis, the lazying cafe that I frequent ...all time favourites, thanks to Kel that introduce brought us there the 1st time... talke about the poly dazes and some updates about some shocking news she heard about a gal from our course that is getting married soon coz of shotgun....sighz...her life is mono too, taking up extra job during the weekends to fill up her time.
Then got to know that her comp is looking for a temp admin to help up in some ad-hoc duties, well, decided to give it a try as I wait for the gov side to reply.

Guessed its fate that we can attend this concert, a very last minute additional seats to that concert. Its not particularly gimmicky or "happening" concert. Brings back lots of memories and triggers lots of emotions... sad, love, loniliness.. the songs, lyrics that made us all pick up some little thoughts as he sing and tell the story behind each songs. Somehow, all these feelings sort of relates to the music flow, the notes carries a certain part of my memories... like the death of someone close, those childhood days drama sitcoms, the loneliness when I'm away from home, the neglected feeling when u love someone, the foolishness at certain point of life, the hurt the pain .. goes on and on....suddenly feel like having someone to hold my hands, look into my eyes and smile.

After the concert, took a cab to Geylang to have supper, the famous "you-tiao da wang" ordered a table full of food and start munching with Baby and LW... they were dicussing about handphones applications and models...and continued the chat as we move from that eatery to another coffeeshop. talked about going KL in june with some M'sian...then LW shared her experiences of pop & shake thingy...gosh~ surprised* by the way she illustrated is so funny lol*
Yawnz* tired after the chat, took cab home, stayed over at Kallg but seems I'm disturbing. sorry.

Some thoughts about Relationships..

Don't know its a trend or bad year, been receiving bad news from friends about their relationship. Feel that we are all vulnerable by love... having to blog so much in my previous enteries about my own problems, it makes me look at it from different perspectives...

Some things are best kept unsaid but others must be made really clear. Compromise? common word that we'll come across when people touch on this topic, how much to take or give... nobody have an answer to it.... Who is right who is wrong? what if there is no answer to this question.... all of us are just human being, we make mistakes . Anyway, these are just pieces of thoughts that flash across my mind right now...

First that comes to me (Jz) told me about the relationship with her gf and the gf's ex... the love triangle will not break coz none of them is willing to give way.. the one that is toggling between Jz and the ex having born with honey coatted tongue and lips can't make up her mind and is thinking of having the best of both worlds... sickening yah, I really don't know what to say at that point but to listen, coz this friend of mine is too blinded by love that nothing is more sensible than to "win" the battle....

Second the young slutty little gold miners...out to "fish" for the biggest catch of the season. Been thru' all her nonsensical gateways from partner 1 to partner 2 , partner 3 ...etc.. a person's wealth is her measuring device.. like a cashing machine *blinks* ....her victims' profile:
1. middle age lady, not appealing in terms of phy appearance, the rich
2. man, single, funky , go gaga about her...
3. man, married , rich, old
4. blah-blah-blah..
the list will never end but seems like her reputation really tarnished over the years.. still the foxy little gal got greedier as she grow...lost contact totally..

Third, the one that got too "motherly" in the end all the relationship ended somehow similar: too naggy, too restrictive... oh not to forget one important issue that she always brings up..FAT~ what is important in a person is the character, personality that will never change in a person, not the looks.. it fades away as time passes..some people are just so superficial...sighz.

Fourth, couple that have too much diff in age...some might say that it doesn't matter, but come to reality it does, menality, life goals and directions don't blend.... freedom is what the young wants, and the elder one simply wants to protect the young gf from any potential harms... in the end with different communication simple term is call, mis-interpretation, it becomes: Possesiveness and Bo-chapness...

Actually very drowsy after taking the medication, just want to take down some notes from things that happened recently, makes me feel that a relationship is really vulnerable when its not carefully handle.... I have phobia too after listening to things that happened so suddenly, imagine what if things like this and that happen to me, how will I handle it? think I'll be like ants in hotpans , only if its others problems I'll have lots of things to console and talk to them in a sensible manner ...

Personality Traits - What Sort of Bird are You?

Checkout your personality Traits..

According to the resource from :

I belongs to this category:

18 March - 14 April

Characteristics :
A powerful individual which displays courage and a sometimes ruthless determination. Avoids problematical obstacles with skill, although must be fully targeted so as not to waste energy in fruitless chases for the impossible.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Falling Sick...

I don't know how others feel when they fall sick, might be a flu , coughs, fever or some external injuries. I feel the a sick person really need lots of attention from the people around.. Especially love one. For the past few weeks have been coughing, struggling with my asthma, phegm and the sore throat that goes on and off... put aside all the medicine thats in line for me from the various GP that I consulted these few weeks, I feel like the most fortunate person on Earth, being showered with lotsa TLC from mummy, and Bb... *coughs* Well, back to reality, I want to recover soon, the coughs makes me have unrest nights and lost all my appetites coz I simply can't taste a thing, everything taste so blend to me ... and the worse has yet to come, hope I wont have to experience the asthmatic days once upon a time..... imagine walking a distance from the room to the loo makes me feel like just finish a 2.4km run...catching my breathe ~

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Insecured ?

Feeling not being "good enough'' .... helplessness ... sense of being "out" .... lacking support and attention .... "someone out there" (better) is taking over... recalled the first kiss, glaze and hug? the flavours, texture, temperature and sensations on the tongue… the way it made ur body feel? after awhile the excitement and freshness seems to have left her.... it becomes part of the memory stored , frozen ?? I hope not! where is that 'first love' feeling? when we r first together, the magnetic attraction . What can I do to put the spark back on her? help remind her of the incredible passion we used to share ..... sighz* feel like abandon bear

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Held at Meritus Mandrian ballroom... meet up with the best groupmates ever thru'out the course lol... the speech seems never ending *yawnz* got the scroll but its empty sighz.
the food reception is pretty good. then catch up with the lecturers and photo session..
Then move on to fetch the sicky hp from NCC, technician unable to help with the card prob.
Baby decided to trade it with someone online... got the 3230 ..but seems like the trading process havent stop... next day, Baby decided to trade the 3230 with another person for a se p900.
anyway, I think mobile get better treatment than me... I fall sick too 0.o*

Saturday, May 14, 2005

mobile phone amnesia

baby's phone suffer amnesia, guess she stuffed it with too much stress. Got to rush to nokia care centre at woodlands. wow! a big crowd...hmm, nokia having some problem? then I decided to go window shopping while baby wait for her turn. got an express manicure and had dinner at mos burger... eeek! the seafood burger really sux, luckily the tiramisu save the meal lol* yummy... wanted to catch a show, but seems like all the shows are not very updated. bought the essential oil from bodyshop, the one that attracted us into the shop along scotts...and a pack of candle. well, its really refreshing and relaxing... took a bus home , long journey, half the time we are wondering where on earth we are....panicky! wonderful, reached home finally, but along the way as we passby gv, i still thot of watching movie... baby says no ...okie..*pouts*.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Gurls party @ WN

went to the party and realised that I left the hp at home, couldnt contact moi friends. luckily bb has one of their no. but Jess cant turn up, guess something cropped up. While queuing at the reception, saw someone at the end of the line...gosh, the agent. well, guess I'm there to enjoy.
was too packed in there, cant find ham. and her gf. orite finally got them, baby when to say hi to the agent while I chat abit with ham. show started, we were standing at the prominent prosition the the camera man was rite infront of us, oh no! feeling camera shy for the first time of moi life.. Baby's so gutsy, she volunteered to go up on stage for the quiz and won a pair of tix for the preview in June. gosh the people standing behind us were totally rude, swearing non stop when the mc interviwed the past years winners. show ended we went out to catch some fresh air and decided to call angela out for a cuppa, she is not free thou' , hmm...out at bintan resort enjoying honeymoon with the new gal... suddenly thought of scouting for the eskibar since we are around there. long long walk, cant find, sat down at a coffeeshop for a drink and beef e-mee. the weirda gent msg bb, ask her for cigg? wtf, then we walked back to WN, along the way back FOUND IT! the eskibar is just around the corner of the street. the staffs were quite friendly, invite us to take a look inside thou' they are preparing to close. explain the diff section of the bar... I will be back! when I gather some kakis and dress appropriately for the temperature hahaa...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Thoughts to Ponder - Moi Life..

Decisions. One wrong move and game's over. One right move and it's Check mate. When will we ever know what is the right and wrong? Through experience? But all experiences are different. Through divine intervention? That's when we leave all our cares to Almighty and he'd take full charge of our problems and turn dark skies into bright, sunny days.

Can a person actually take full control of their lives? Alter their destiny? Is man strong enough to do such as that?

Everyone including the person of highest authority is created with a heart. A heart that is brought into this world clean and untainted. A heart meant to help our fellow man.

Even the strongest at heart do feel down at times. Whom do they turn to? psychiatrist? What happened to their fellow comrades.

Or does statute create such a barrier between men that the word 'Trust' should long have been omitted from the dictionary?

Gone were the days we could prance around bare footed in the open field of life.
Smelling the musky morning air, sweet and innocent flowers and the leaves as they shy away from the stroke of our fingers...mimosa (i remember science

Who will sing for me? who will dance for me? Paint the colours of the world for me?

hold me close to your heart.........

That is my remorsing Life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Moi's B'dae

really thankful to these buddies:
lynz, jenn, karen, beekwang, jess,val ,diana, arlene..
those sweet greetings from them really brighten my day.
And not forgetting my family, and the sweetest Baby in the whole universe..
came all the way just to have dinner wif me and my family...
simply contented with that.
Was pouring heavily outside, so we order home delivery,
had golden pillow, lover splitzer, supreme splitzer, drumlets and my favourite cake, thanks to my dearest sister...she knows my heart melt when i comes to tiramitsu, forget about telling me how many calories it contain lol* thot' its a great day until my dad shouted at the top of his voice, guess what....the poor dog got scolded for barking..*OMG!
after the yummy stuffs, Baby shared her day with me and we had a great time until the hp rang..if u are catching me episode closely , should know who called huh? Baby's Mum...
yes ... I wonder what is wrg? less then 1 hour, everytime we go out for the weekend, we'll neber miss that ringtone.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Needing Love...

Should I go on? 也许有一天你也会寂寞.... I know it takes time, just don't know long will it take. I need alot of care, attention, passion and romance in life. my bad point? hmmm.. impatience, impulsive? Currently feeling energy level low... been initiating to get closer, seem like it doesn't work now and then... I wonder what goes wrong? Is there someone out there willing to share my joy, anger and worries? or the frequency has somehow gone haywire? 101 questions to answer, but I will always get "I am busy and stress, u hold on, wait...Sorry I can't."

Monday, April 4, 2005

Movie - the Eye 10

What a movie, I hate horrors..
but my baby love it ....sighz...after the movie its gonna be lights-on whole night for me.
the imagines from horror movies always replay in my mind ...sleepless, somebody HELP me!
arghz! Home alone, creepy..

Today I receive a good news from my agent.. yeah I finally got a job that really sounds like something to me. well, it a temp-perm position and the hourly temp pay sounds miserable but, think about it its temp!!! sooner or later I'll get the perm and more satisfactory pay, hopefully...
BUT , I'm still alone, sianz....I'm happily blogging , yah , facing the monitor *smilez* ... sounds freaky huh, nevermind, I'm HAppY~ haha*

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Shitty & Fedup!

What's problem with this man in my house?
I wonder he is Teo or "Lai"... every little things that goes wrong he can simply put the blame on his wife and daughters... unfair!!! So what we are women, he is totally bias and unreasonable!
being helpful , to him is "unwillingness" FINE!
Such a hypocrite, smile and joke and tell tall takes with other people, but come home, he put on a shitty face as if everyone at home owes him a living!
for the 1st time in my entire life I have hear of foolscape paper are not supposed to be torn out from the pad. Great I was been scolded and screamed at for that. And blamed for causing his bad times..... Irrational freak...steam like a kettle as and when he likes?

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sweet Toothie

Cook prawn mee at home... everybody likes it :)
Glad that is a long weekend, spend time with baby...
watched Miss Cong. 2 at GV10.. was hilarious.. but part 1 is nicer.
Saturday, went to terminate that EXTRA line at starhub and
sis went M1 to terminate her line as well. Lunch at Meridien Kopitiam.
yucks the bah kut teh's so salty and diluted.. Walked to PS and shop for JC b'dae pressie.
bought ice-cream , was stopped by the security at Carrefour... legs aching, wrong shoes... bought a bottle of candy for her, and a pair of sandals for myself. Saw the crew of "yuan lai shi ni", kym ng searching for contestants.. Dinner with baby at Secret Recipe along Chinatown and head to C&C. Had stewed lamb, tiramisu, chicken, ice lemon tea... yummy*
JC invited alot of pple, but the last time ham celebration there even more pple.
anyway didn't really like beer, makes me puke and rash. Only part I enjoy is singing with Baby and the cake... think I have sweet tooth, keep craving for cakes, desserts, ice-creams..etc

Sunday, March 20, 2005

If Life can be reformat like a PC

I just wonder what kind of life is others leading? Is it like mine? feeling lost and empty.
If life can be reformatted just like the pc.. feeling depressed.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Self Discovery Quizzes..

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Your Inner Muse is Melpomene

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Summary of 1-mth *Classroom Experience*

Initial week:
feel really lost coz the form teacher on leave just give me her handbooks and said that 1 mth have to give them 2 compo, try to cover as much as possible.. I have to figure out what to do with the class of monkeys.. P keep walking pass the class discreetly, scary leh.
Sobs, how come no break time for me? any free time I have they will slot other relief class for me?? Hungry , hungry... havent been to the canteen before leh.
their "england" really can't make it,
2nd week:
Finally got a chance to grab something from the canteen, what a disappointment... they food sux... and eating halfway my dearest monitoress came to say that the time-table messed up , it my lesson! gosh!
Make a new friend, we are both new to the school.Everyone seems to be busy with the anniversary event, except the 2 of blurr duno whether to attend their meeing or not... Think I am like a loan-shark, chasing after money and homework.
Sighz, I broke the gigantic ruler, need to cool down *lol*..simply can't stand these monkeys...
3rd week:
Drama everyday since the very 1st day of school, most absurd things ever will happen in my class.. why? they need attention? (steal money, fight in class, reason out with me when I punish, "asthma attack kid" sent to hospital, crying to go home)...
Finally I got a way to keep them quiet. Notices that P is watching from the opposite class...*sighz* stress leh, can u stop watching? I wonder if interesting and innovative teaching methods can be use in this class?
4th week:
P came to see me, talked to me about the meet parent session and report card procedures.. what?! ME? after the session my jaw drop and stare blank for a second. I'm bearly there for 3 weeks lor, just managed to remember their names, now what? meet parents? stressed..
Didn't even tell me there's a class test.. have to rush the test papers for them, from scratch coz their syllabus is so different from the rest of the class. Called the teacher in-charge for advise, she just said "just compile a test from what u have covered" (-.-") .
finally managed to compile test papers for all the subjects, guess they are playing tricks on me huh? the photocopying machine suddenly need card? they didn't issue me any access card loh, tmr I need to give them test leh *Hello!* liao-lui, go to chongpang and print with my own money.. 30pcs * 3 subjects ...pocket burnt! Skipped the contact time coz I really feel so tired, need to zzz.. who knows on the way home, buddy smsed me "P ask who is not around leh? think she noticed u r not ard.." sheesh!

Sunday, March 6, 2005

My life: Feeling lost...

My mind is really blank right now.
Dun feel like talking...maybe it's PMS.

  1. I need an income
    -> rejected from interviews
  2. I need attention
    -> making me a demanding lover
    -> weekend lover is not my cup of tea
    -> IM chat is not my type
    -> cold as steel..
    -> puffy eyes..runny nose, broken heart
  3. Pre-requisite of job openings (experience)
    -> where is my JOB
  4. What keeps a relationship going ?
    -> passion? dreams? love? understanding? goals?
    -> giving friends good advices, but I flopped my own
    -> Should I free her from my "nonsensical" behaviour
    -> freaking out...
  5. Pain everywhere
    -> is it really physically or psychologically?
    -> migraine
    -> shoulders and backache
    -> chest pain
    -> stomach cramp
    -> sleepless nights
    -> no appititte
    -> keep eating ice-cream and smoke
    -> temperamental
  6. Where my path is leading me to?
  7. Where to seek help?
    -> would anybody around me bother at all?
  8. What can I do next?
    -> I feel like I am in a fix now
    -> emotionless, expressionless, speechless
    -> demoralised
    -> low-esteem
    -> down

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Had hard time sleeping ...
3 person on queen size bed... and its the same problem...
Spoilt my precious weekend with Baby.. we hardly spend time togather.

Went to visit long time friend..his baby boy is 1 mth old,
little JunXiong(Gabriel), carried him and he fall asleep in 1 min..
anyway had hard time locating the venue ...
walked with Fen and Jenn searching for the blk...

Had a great time catching up the new-daddy...
Hmmm.. wonder if the 2nd one is coming up ..haha..

Catch a psychotic Movie, "Hide & Seek with Fen & Baby"
after the visitation...Wonder was Jenn up to? she is so secretive..
me and Fen wanted to follow her and wonder is she really "getting -things-from-NTUC" or someone's picking her up? Well, let time tells huh...

After the movie, Had dinner at Seoul Garden with Bb...
whole body smells exactly like the food we cooked..
wasn't happy coz' the time flies (weekend) = Bb going home.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


went to watch "Shall we Dance" Romantic show.....nice dance move, so inspired to learn dancing.went to eat Jap food..Very full..ordered 2 bento set, potato croquette,adgedashi tofu, unagi, chawanmushi... Went shopping at espirt bought some clothes....then went further to Taka to scout for more discount deals... too bad when we reached town shops are closing..didnt go singing, coz got a call earlier from AI to relief for 4 weeks..Lovely!
Baby stayed over tonight *smiles to sleep*

Start of a 1 month temp position

To be summarised at on 11th March 2005.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Went for dental appointment today..
had my wisdom tooth removed and filling on my front teeth..
causing me pain now...
I feel like a blinking traffic light in my head..
Hungry and drowsy...*zzzz....*
Can't speak properly coz' I am biting on a cotton gaze..
Doc. instruction:

  1. can't eat hot food...
  2. must floss my teeth ...
  3. practice correct brushing procedure ...
  4. apply cream before sleeping ...
  5. eat healthy food for gums...

Friday, February 11, 2005

Movie Mania - I do *2

Bored at home...
Realised that Mum don't need to work today..
Hmm... decided to bring her out for a movie, since its been ages since she last watch a movie in the theatre... bought the movie ticket from Axs for 3 person... its hilarious haahah~

after the show, went to eat sushi... don't know why Mum like the conveyor belt style sushi.. not very nice and the variaty is so limited...Bb got her posting for tp.. DNS...goodluck!
expensive...bought black ink for the printer...gosh forgot to buy mouse!!! agin *sighz*

Anyway, Bb have to rush home ...hardly get to spend time with her anymore.
fulfilling , average day.... lacking of something to bring that smile on my face :(

Thursday, February 10, 2005

CNY (Day 2)

Went to Baby's house to bai-nian..
glad to see her... miss her so much , ever since she moved back.
live as if we are in a long dist. r/s, worst still, muted coz we can't talk on the phone,
*sigh*, feel so sick about it.

then she came my place for a 2nd reunion dinner..
me, sis, mum, dad and baby..after that, she went home...
I clean up the dishes..and everybody rest.

simple and happy day...

Wednesday, February 9, 2005


first day of CNY...
went to paternal side, this year is at uncle's house, he finally set up a family after so long behing bars.. happy for him... he got a flat near my old neighbourhood at Tanglin Halt..
Don't really enjoy the visitation to my paternal side coz every year have to face these bunch of snobs.. *tsk* what to do .. its tradition , traditions....
after the gathering and a reunion lunch, we went over to maternal side... granny house..
as usual dad did want us to take a cab there , he is stuck at the mahjong ahaha...

reach graany house, saw the piles of shoes outside the house I know must be really crowded...
wow, full house... then went to catch up with my auntie, she showw me her collection of perfume bottles and gave me some and a bottle of Gucci Envy..

the gambling mothers start there circle of ban-luck... the kids play in uncle's room... then i feel so bored, took a nap in granny's room...after that went home... think zaizai's hungry ..poor doggie.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Reunion Dinner

its CNY eve.. spring cleaning and iron clothes for new year visitation...
bought mum a pair of pink sandals to match her pants...
then I ask her for a token, I'm rather superstitious about buying shoes,
heard that its not good to buy shoes for love ones, she gave me a*

went to granny house for reunion dinner,
miss granny cooking and the steamboat gathering..
the little ones as usual so noisy , chasing and running about...
time flies... they all grow so tall.. Cherie is now in sec 1 and she is catching up sis..
sob* I feel like a shortie... Jiawei also in sec 1 , sighz*


Wake up at about 3am to walk the dog... usually my mum will do it but she has to start business earlier so i take over... silly dog refused to poop... I remember mum said that every morning the silly dog will poop...sighz... hope u dun make noise when i sleep huh..back to my bed but I can rest my mind coz I am so nervous about the interview in the afternoon... okie, iron my clothes, wash up, dress up, and do some pre-interview preparation... voila~ nice and neat... hmm look so pro... I reach the interview venue really early... its ok, I let the admin staff verify my documents and wait for my turn... *heartbeat* I am getting really nervous .. I knock the door and went in...3 interviewers...bombarded with questions:
"why did u choose to apply for this position?"
"in what ways the courses (hrm/design) help in this career?"
"tell us about your experience related to the position?"
"what do u mean by creativity?"
"if u face difficult young people and their parents are being unreasonable how will u handle it?"
"tell us what are the diff things u do in l.pri and u.pri classes?"
"are u confident in el? things like verb, vocabs, nouns..etc?"
phew~ finally over yeah!
but I realised that there are still things that I wanted to add on ...
silly brain, got so frozen in the interview room

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Buzzy Market

Went to help up mum , people rush to buy grocery as if they want to stock up for the whole month...busy like mad, when they make their orders I can only hear buffered sound coz' everybody talk at the same time...aiyoh~ feel like asking then to queue up in 1 line haha! sheeh! one by one can... think I have 8 hands meh? by the time the stocks are clear, I'm so tired and sleepy that my eyelids can hardly open ... mum ask if I want to eat anything...I say i want to go home bathe then zzzz... :p forget about new year clothes lah... took a short nap then when for the manicure appointment... did french manicure..yeah!

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Everywhere need bookings

  1. 6th Feb 2005 (Sunday)
    * 4 am - Help Mum @ store
    * Noon - Shopping for clothes & "Secret"
    * 9 pm - Manicure/Pedicure
  2. 7th Feb 2005 (Monday)
    * 3pm - Interview
  3. 8th Feb 2005 (Tuesday)
    * Morning - Spring cleaning
    * Evening - Reunion Dinner @ Granny Hse
  4. 9th Feb 2005 (Wednesday)
    * Morning - Go to Temple
    * Afternoon - Visitation @ Commonwealth
    * Afternoon - Visitation @ Granny Hse
    * Night - *grins* think there's party @ Mox
  5. 10th - 11th Feb 2005 (Thursday - Friday)
    * __________________ ??
  6. 12th Feb 2005 (Saturady)
    * 10am - Dentist (extract and fillings)
  7. 13th Feb 2005 (Sunday)
    * _________________ ??
  8. 14th Feb 2004 (Monday)
    * Valentines' Day

Friday, February 4, 2005

Love Horoscope

Aries in Love
March 21-April 19

Aries is the cardinal-fire sign which translates into life loving andhighly energized and this describes their needs concerning love as well.As a partner they make life exciting, albeit occasionally tiring, andyou cannot help but feel rather joyful and light hearted when you're intheir company. It's that blend of innocence (the lamb) with pure power(the ram) that is so captivating about an Aries mate. They don'tunderstand the meaning of the word routine, however, and boredom is thenumber one killer of Aries romances. Aries loves as boldly and asstrongly as it experiences life. From sports to personal challengesAries are usually not happy unless they are moving after something. With Mars as their ruling planet oftentimes their entire lives are aboutchanneling and putting that immense power to work for them. It's notuncommon to find an Aries firmly committed to a long term volatilearrangement that leaves those around them wondering why they would stay.

The truth is they often thrive on that kind of intensity and it can dofar less damage than existing within a relationship that has grownroutine and stagnant. When an Aries loves they LOVE. The partner ishoisted up onto a pedestal whether they want to be there or not and theybecome a treasure to be protected and guarded passionately. The love ofan Aries life often becomes the driving motivation for their challenginggoals and the phrase, "I did this for YOU" is one heard in many of thebest Aries relationships.

Aries Sexuality:
An Aries sexuality is driven, powerful and almost afeat of showmanship when they are truly captivated. Since Aries tend tobe action/goal oriented sex can become a series of higher plateausinvolving anything their fertile imaginations can conjure up. Aries arethe zodiac show-off and the bedroom isn't excluded from their dramaticand captivating ability to get partners undivided attention. The moreappreciated they feel the more they invest in their lovemaking andprivate boundaries exist only to give an Aries something to leap over. Marathons of passion, spontaneous liaisons in the most unexpected placesand inexhaustible stamina are all part of the Aries basic sexualmake-up.

The long term story:
Lots of pampering and a lot of attention is neededwith an Aries lover as they thrive on feeling they are number one inyour life. They love to do the initial chasing and are usually notattracted to being chased but once their heart is given you can't everover-do your displays of affection. While they can be jealous andpossessive you cannot show the same qualities and any kind of clingingis a sure fire way to drive them into new pastures. Under all the Ariesbravado and show is actually a rather innocent child who simply wants toexplore the wonderful world around them and to be appreciated. The moreencouraged they are in either area the more exuberant they become.

Positive Traits in Love:
Exuberance, expressiveness, passion,generosity, adoration, protectiveness, adventuress, fun loving, creativeand energized lovemaking, and devotion.

Negative traits:
Temperamental, jealous, possessive, ego oriented,inconsiderate, reckless, fickle

What an Aries likes:
Being number one, A positive attitude, A life loving comrade, A. partnerwho has style or a 'look', Being Seen Getting gifts, Loyalty, Beingactive together. Romance and dazzle.

What an Aries Dislikes:
Being bored, Being chased, Sloppiness in a mate, Criticism, Anythingmundane, Feeling unappreciated, Feeling inferior, Losing, Having torepeat things. Displays of insecurity.

Aries Love Keywords:
Dramatic, romantic, original, passionate, energized, creative,spontaneous.

Cancer in Love
June 22-July 22

Cancer is the cardinal water sign indicating that strong and rushingfeelings and emotions guide their actions. When they love they loveforever...period. Their extremely tough outer shell makes it hard totruly get into their heart but once in the loved one becomes pampered,adored and prone to being the intense focus of their feelings and moods.

A Cancer lover instinctively nourishes and dotes on the object of theirheart and can be all encompassing in all ways. Being traditional andhome oriented means male Cancers like to follow the proper rules andways to court, to fall in love and to make it permanent. Likewise forfemales who tend to wait until the man makes his move regardless of howstrongly they may want to make a move. No one can do love and give lovelike a Cancer can, but it is heart and maternally oriented as opposed tosexually oriented and its worse tendency is to be smothering. A Cancerwho feels insecure in a relationship is apt to become demanding: eithersulking silently hurt or verbally making it clear what is wrong and why.

The outer shell protects them from giving too soon and too often butthose outer claws (another Crab attribute) serve to hold onto a lovedone with a tenacious grasp that is almost impossible to break. Yet theiractions are always driven by the true depth of their feelings and theloved one almost always holds a cherished spot in their heart even longafter the union is over. When it comes to protection...not even Leo canoutdo the fierce and loyal strength that a Cancer wields in the name ofprotecting a loved one.

Cancers Sexuality:
Sex is not definable without emotions for mostCancers and they must feel something with relative strength for theirtruest feelings to come out in a romantic and sexual interlude. They aretender and partner oriented lovers and more concerned with pleasingtheir mates and feeling the returning emotions as nurturing proof of thepartners love. Sex for cancer is attached to all things which meansecurity and loyalty and truth of the heart. Their needs tend tofluctuate according to their moods and emotional state as does theirintensity and their desire levels. In many ways sexuality is anempowered field for Cancer as they are the zodiacs maternal nurturers itis the literal act of sex which has molded their 'job'. A cancer who isin love and feels secure will intuitively understand that and will treatit as the joyful gift it is.

The long term story:
In a solid, secure relationship a Cancer can easilysupport the nuances of a long term relationship as they naturallynourish and supplement the changing nature of the union. On a loverspart it is important to understand their emotional vulnerability and howthey cope with that through their built in defense mechanisms. Cancersare, undeniably, prone to a certain moodiness and such is the way theycan learn to bend and flow and give what is needed to nurture thosearound them. The more a partner learns to enhance a cancers ability todetach from what is going around them and to learn the truth of theirown power of emotional freedom the less this natural moodiness willmanifest in overt ways.

Positive Traits in Love:
Loyal, supportive, nurturing, compassionate,caring, dedication, faithfulness of emotions, tenderness, pampering,adoration.

Negative traits:
Possessiveness, jealousy, moodiness, volatility,control issues, dependency issues, depression

What Cancer likes:
Feeling appreciated, Sincerity, Tradition, Stability, Routine, Loyalty,Commitment, Laughing, Feeling supported.

What Cancer Dislikes:
Erraticness, Sudden, unexpected changes, Insincerity, Being ignored,Dishonesty, Not knowing how you feel, Being uncomfortable

Cancer Love Keywords:
Emotional, fluid, nurturing, supportive, moody, insecure, loving, loyal,tradition oriented, modest, generous, sincere.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Love is U & I .... For You

My Moon is in Leo

Your Moon is in Leo

Warm, loving, and generous in your affections, you inspire tremendous devotion and loyalty in your loved ones. This is good, since you would never settle for anything less!You want to be adored and worshipped like the king or queen that you feel you are, and it is difficult for anyone to resist the warmth and attention you lavish on those you care about. You have a great deal of pride and need to be recognized and appreciated. The way to really hurt your feelings is to ignore you. You are genuine, sincere, and have a strong sense of personal integrity. You hate emotional games and dishonesty.

Monday, January 31, 2005

East Meets West

Year of Birth : 1981
Eastern Sign: Rooster
Western Sign: Aries

You have a knack for learning just about anything the very first time it's taught to you and, along with your gift for communication, that would make you a first-rate teacher as well. Since you're known for your fire, passion, and initiative, it stands to reason that invention, exploration, and new experiences would be right up your alley. The urge for excitement could also reach into other areas of your life-recreation, in particular. In fact, you may be drawn irresistibly to danger, craving the adrenaline rush of walking just a bit too closely to the wild side. If that's the case, be very careful not to get too close. Temper your restless, risk- loving side with just a touch of caution.

Your challenge is to keep yourself safe and sound so that your dear ones will have you around for a good, long rime. Your gift is a never-ending supply of adrenaline.

Although it's fair to say you're a bit of a daredevil, you also have a softer side, which comes out in your one-to-one relationships. Your opposite sign, Libra, was also strongly represented in the heavens when you arrived and Libra, more than anything, craves relationship. You'll likely take the selection of a primary partner very seriously, possibly staying single for years at a time until just the right person comes along. Along the way, you'll likely learn to enjoy your own company, however, and come to relish those quiet hours of solitude. Independent signs like Sagittarians, Aquarians, and Geminis will be only too happy to send you on your way while they enjoy a bit of solitude themselves.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Nice Song

Jay Chou - Ge Qian

Sun Yanzi - Xiang Xin

Jaci Velasquez - Imagine Me Without You

Two Letters

Check the letter box today and got 2 letters from the Ministries..
sighz a bad news, and a so-call good news..
was rejected by the Airforce, well, to neutral it ,
I was shortlisted for interview for teaching position...
2 days before CNY, how its a good day.

Went to dye my hair to darker colour,
hope I look more appropriate for the interview..
Mum is down with flu, I be the "chief for today's dinner...
Hmmm.. hope it taste alrite... :)
Sambal Kangkong,
Black Pepper pork,
Fried "duno-what-is-that " with egg

Had a terrible stomache!!!
and got a call from Dad...
want me to go CCK again...
this time he left his cashcard at home,
what's next?!
spare me please .. I am not feeling well!
and nobody seems to care!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Its our 3rd anniversary today.. hmm thought I'll get a surprise from her or some romantic gateaway.. sighz* she had a long day, by the time she reach home, the first thing she did was to head towards the bed and zzzz....

Anyway, I had a long day reliefing at AI today..
more work today coz I have to cover some other classes during my free slots. My stomach growls in the middle of the class.. hahaha lucky nobody noticed...
Again I have to bury myself in the piles of books, finish marking and bed i need a bed!!!!
totally exhausted* .Oh forget to mention about the HOD.. I feel so bad coz I duno how to look at him when he talk to me coz' his eyes' got some prob... I duno which direction is he looing at.. so when he tell me that he got good responds from the students I was thrilled.... but I keep looking into the papers when he talk to me :P

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Another Teaching Experience

Got a call yesterday from AI Pri. asking me to relife 2 days..
Thanks for giving me the chance to have another classroom experience.
I was early as usual, was especting the office clerk to give me the time-table,
what i got was " we are very busy , u sit there first.."
okay , that was rude... anyway I waited for 30 mins, browsing the magazine.

Finally I got a time-table and a note written by the teacher that I'm going to cover for the next 2days... guess she is so freaky, 2 days and she is expecting the students to do so many things..
poor students.

Lucky this teacher don't take PE lessons hahaha.

Not till I get to make the assinments... gosh! 40 times of what the students did!
sob* anyway I manage to finish marking the piles of books for 2 subjects, and I realised the staff room is told silence... look around me , not a single soul...hmmm? thought I still get to heard so gossips from the teachers next to me... well, times flies, its already 5pm...
head to the toilet, didn't clear my bowel since this moring coz I don't have the pass to the staff room so better dun go , if not have to wait outside till a teacher comes.

time to go home..went to the general office to find that clerk, oh, she is not there...
hmmm.. wonder how... my pay leh??
I'll wait for them to call me I guess sign out and walk home...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Relief at Primary School

Quite an experience today... Was called up my a staff from Northview ask me to go and relief a teacher.. took a cab there coz' I still can't figure out where isit located , No doubt I stay in Yishun for so long... reach the school office at about 7am .

I was given a piece of the teacher's time-table.. wow, so many recess, so complicated,.
Well, the 1st glace at it I know I was not dress for her schdule.. head start with flag raising ceremony.. hmmm.. when was the last time I gone thru that??

next I have a hard time looking for the class and teaching 4 PE lessons straight for the start...
lucky the CSO help me with the 1st lesson...guess I have to let them play on their own at the field, coz' I am in office pants and heels :P

The teacher on leave wrote a list of things to do with her class...and piles of worksheets for them. after recess... was the very first time I stand in the class to teach a academic subject...
really no used to the bells... so soft can't hear if the class is too noisy...

The there's an intercom "Is Miss ....AT there?, this is Mr Th" I was shocked! then the students were so excited "Teacher pick up the phone..." I was ask to relief an additional Pri 1 class during a free period... Phew! 30 mins/period class's really short wonder what can they do ...

Enter the P1 class, was like a kindergarten class, they greeted me and were engrossed with colouring and drawing... 1 of the little gal came up to me and hugged me, refused to let go...
gosh what can I do.... use the countdown method to ask them stay at their seats... and i realise that they love to got to the washroom for duno what reason... and they love to linger around the huge fish tank, well, there's no fish in there..

Its quite a fulfilling day indeed...

Thursday, January 6, 2005


Check this Movie out....
When isit showing huh?
wonder if the Singapore authories allow it.
Hong Kong lesbian drama- Butterfly

Sunday, January 2, 2005

2005 Resolutions List...

Let see the list of things that is in 2005:

  1. get a job..hopefully is my dream job
  2. kick my bad smoking habit
  3. find time to workout my body
  4. save money for future plans
  5. invest in insurance
  6. re-furnish my room
  7. pack the old clothes & donate to the charity chest
  8. develop a hobby
  9. build loving relationships and be thankful to: family, friends and Baby...etc
  10. establish relationship with God
  11. read the bible once through
  12. - to be updated -

Saturday, January 1, 2005

Lousy New Year Eve

Sighz... everything just went haywire:

  1. Ktv session disaster..coz I duno pple sing every single song with analogue ON.
  2. can't click coz' she's too young
  3. They want to go MM... shittiest trip to MM,
    coz the thot of that byatch disguise me totally & lost appetite completely
  4. tHE CHIEF @ THE tHAI Cafe didn't really cook the prawn & Veg well today
    (thou' its my 1st time there, didnt gimme face .. sighz)
  5. Will waiting for the movie to start, went to play the "drum" 2 drum not working..
  6. Movie "Seed of Chucky" grusome ...
  7. I want ice-cream, but its outta stock
  8. Cab took a long time to travel to my hse
  9. wanted something romantic... but got something mono..
  10. The dog is barking (awake already) when I want to sleep.. ssshhh!

Hope when I wake up I'll get to receive something better...
what can be worse...

well consolate myself maybe....

  1. spent the entire nite eyes wide open,
    at least I get the report typed out...
  2. Got a Kiss from Baby,
    after she went around spraying ribbons with the Mad Kids..

My New Year ResolutIon..
(Still processing ...thinking about it)
let me get some my dreams