Monday, January 31, 2005

East Meets West

Year of Birth : 1981
Eastern Sign: Rooster
Western Sign: Aries

You have a knack for learning just about anything the very first time it's taught to you and, along with your gift for communication, that would make you a first-rate teacher as well. Since you're known for your fire, passion, and initiative, it stands to reason that invention, exploration, and new experiences would be right up your alley. The urge for excitement could also reach into other areas of your life-recreation, in particular. In fact, you may be drawn irresistibly to danger, craving the adrenaline rush of walking just a bit too closely to the wild side. If that's the case, be very careful not to get too close. Temper your restless, risk- loving side with just a touch of caution.

Your challenge is to keep yourself safe and sound so that your dear ones will have you around for a good, long rime. Your gift is a never-ending supply of adrenaline.

Although it's fair to say you're a bit of a daredevil, you also have a softer side, which comes out in your one-to-one relationships. Your opposite sign, Libra, was also strongly represented in the heavens when you arrived and Libra, more than anything, craves relationship. You'll likely take the selection of a primary partner very seriously, possibly staying single for years at a time until just the right person comes along. Along the way, you'll likely learn to enjoy your own company, however, and come to relish those quiet hours of solitude. Independent signs like Sagittarians, Aquarians, and Geminis will be only too happy to send you on your way while they enjoy a bit of solitude themselves.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Nice Song

Jay Chou - Ge Qian

Sun Yanzi - Xiang Xin

Jaci Velasquez - Imagine Me Without You

Two Letters

Check the letter box today and got 2 letters from the Ministries..
sighz a bad news, and a so-call good news..
was rejected by the Airforce, well, to neutral it ,
I was shortlisted for interview for teaching position...
2 days before CNY, how its a good day.

Went to dye my hair to darker colour,
hope I look more appropriate for the interview..
Mum is down with flu, I be the "chief for today's dinner...
Hmmm.. hope it taste alrite... :)
Sambal Kangkong,
Black Pepper pork,
Fried "duno-what-is-that " with egg

Had a terrible stomache!!!
and got a call from Dad...
want me to go CCK again...
this time he left his cashcard at home,
what's next?!
spare me please .. I am not feeling well!
and nobody seems to care!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Its our 3rd anniversary today.. hmm thought I'll get a surprise from her or some romantic gateaway.. sighz* she had a long day, by the time she reach home, the first thing she did was to head towards the bed and zzzz....

Anyway, I had a long day reliefing at AI today..
more work today coz I have to cover some other classes during my free slots. My stomach growls in the middle of the class.. hahaha lucky nobody noticed...
Again I have to bury myself in the piles of books, finish marking and bed i need a bed!!!!
totally exhausted* .Oh forget to mention about the HOD.. I feel so bad coz I duno how to look at him when he talk to me coz' his eyes' got some prob... I duno which direction is he looing at.. so when he tell me that he got good responds from the students I was thrilled.... but I keep looking into the papers when he talk to me :P

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Another Teaching Experience

Got a call yesterday from AI Pri. asking me to relife 2 days..
Thanks for giving me the chance to have another classroom experience.
I was early as usual, was especting the office clerk to give me the time-table,
what i got was " we are very busy , u sit there first.."
okay , that was rude... anyway I waited for 30 mins, browsing the magazine.

Finally I got a time-table and a note written by the teacher that I'm going to cover for the next 2days... guess she is so freaky, 2 days and she is expecting the students to do so many things..
poor students.

Lucky this teacher don't take PE lessons hahaha.

Not till I get to make the assinments... gosh! 40 times of what the students did!
sob* anyway I manage to finish marking the piles of books for 2 subjects, and I realised the staff room is told silence... look around me , not a single soul...hmmm? thought I still get to heard so gossips from the teachers next to me... well, times flies, its already 5pm...
head to the toilet, didn't clear my bowel since this moring coz I don't have the pass to the staff room so better dun go , if not have to wait outside till a teacher comes.

time to go home..went to the general office to find that clerk, oh, she is not there...
hmmm.. wonder how... my pay leh??
I'll wait for them to call me I guess sign out and walk home...

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Relief at Primary School

Quite an experience today... Was called up my a staff from Northview ask me to go and relief a teacher.. took a cab there coz' I still can't figure out where isit located , No doubt I stay in Yishun for so long... reach the school office at about 7am .

I was given a piece of the teacher's time-table.. wow, so many recess, so complicated,.
Well, the 1st glace at it I know I was not dress for her schdule.. head start with flag raising ceremony.. hmmm.. when was the last time I gone thru that??

next I have a hard time looking for the class and teaching 4 PE lessons straight for the start...
lucky the CSO help me with the 1st lesson...guess I have to let them play on their own at the field, coz' I am in office pants and heels :P

The teacher on leave wrote a list of things to do with her class...and piles of worksheets for them. after recess... was the very first time I stand in the class to teach a academic subject...
really no used to the bells... so soft can't hear if the class is too noisy...

The there's an intercom "Is Miss ....AT there?, this is Mr Th" I was shocked! then the students were so excited "Teacher pick up the phone..." I was ask to relief an additional Pri 1 class during a free period... Phew! 30 mins/period class's really short wonder what can they do ...

Enter the P1 class, was like a kindergarten class, they greeted me and were engrossed with colouring and drawing... 1 of the little gal came up to me and hugged me, refused to let go...
gosh what can I do.... use the countdown method to ask them stay at their seats... and i realise that they love to got to the washroom for duno what reason... and they love to linger around the huge fish tank, well, there's no fish in there..

Its quite a fulfilling day indeed...

Thursday, January 6, 2005


Check this Movie out....
When isit showing huh?
wonder if the Singapore authories allow it.
Hong Kong lesbian drama- Butterfly

Sunday, January 2, 2005

2005 Resolutions List...

Let see the list of things that is in 2005:

  1. get a job..hopefully is my dream job
  2. kick my bad smoking habit
  3. find time to workout my body
  4. save money for future plans
  5. invest in insurance
  6. re-furnish my room
  7. pack the old clothes & donate to the charity chest
  8. develop a hobby
  9. build loving relationships and be thankful to: family, friends and Baby...etc
  10. establish relationship with God
  11. read the bible once through
  12. - to be updated -

Saturday, January 1, 2005

Lousy New Year Eve

Sighz... everything just went haywire:

  1. Ktv session disaster..coz I duno pple sing every single song with analogue ON.
  2. can't click coz' she's too young
  3. They want to go MM... shittiest trip to MM,
    coz the thot of that byatch disguise me totally & lost appetite completely
  4. tHE CHIEF @ THE tHAI Cafe didn't really cook the prawn & Veg well today
    (thou' its my 1st time there, didnt gimme face .. sighz)
  5. Will waiting for the movie to start, went to play the "drum" 2 drum not working..
  6. Movie "Seed of Chucky" grusome ...
  7. I want ice-cream, but its outta stock
  8. Cab took a long time to travel to my hse
  9. wanted something romantic... but got something mono..
  10. The dog is barking (awake already) when I want to sleep.. ssshhh!

Hope when I wake up I'll get to receive something better...
what can be worse...

well consolate myself maybe....

  1. spent the entire nite eyes wide open,
    at least I get the report typed out...
  2. Got a Kiss from Baby,
    after she went around spraying ribbons with the Mad Kids..

My New Year ResolutIon..
(Still processing ...thinking about it)
let me get some my dreams