Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Another Teaching Experience

Got a call yesterday from AI Pri. asking me to relife 2 days..
Thanks for giving me the chance to have another classroom experience.
I was early as usual, was especting the office clerk to give me the time-table,
what i got was " we are very busy , u sit there first.."
okay , that was rude... anyway I waited for 30 mins, browsing the magazine.

Finally I got a time-table and a note written by the teacher that I'm going to cover for the next 2days... guess she is so freaky, 2 days and she is expecting the students to do so many things..
poor students.

Lucky this teacher don't take PE lessons hahaha.

Not till I get to make the assinments... gosh! 40 times of what the students did!
sob* anyway I manage to finish marking the piles of books for 2 subjects, and I realised the staff room is told silence... look around me , not a single soul...hmmm? thought I still get to heard so gossips from the teachers next to me... well, times flies, its already 5pm...
head to the toilet, didn't clear my bowel since this moring coz I don't have the pass to the staff room so better dun go , if not have to wait outside till a teacher comes.

time to go home..went to the general office to find that clerk, oh, she is not there...
hmmm.. wonder how... my pay leh??
I'll wait for them to call me I guess sign out and walk home...

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