Monday, January 31, 2005

East Meets West

Year of Birth : 1981
Eastern Sign: Rooster
Western Sign: Aries

You have a knack for learning just about anything the very first time it's taught to you and, along with your gift for communication, that would make you a first-rate teacher as well. Since you're known for your fire, passion, and initiative, it stands to reason that invention, exploration, and new experiences would be right up your alley. The urge for excitement could also reach into other areas of your life-recreation, in particular. In fact, you may be drawn irresistibly to danger, craving the adrenaline rush of walking just a bit too closely to the wild side. If that's the case, be very careful not to get too close. Temper your restless, risk- loving side with just a touch of caution.

Your challenge is to keep yourself safe and sound so that your dear ones will have you around for a good, long rime. Your gift is a never-ending supply of adrenaline.

Although it's fair to say you're a bit of a daredevil, you also have a softer side, which comes out in your one-to-one relationships. Your opposite sign, Libra, was also strongly represented in the heavens when you arrived and Libra, more than anything, craves relationship. You'll likely take the selection of a primary partner very seriously, possibly staying single for years at a time until just the right person comes along. Along the way, you'll likely learn to enjoy your own company, however, and come to relish those quiet hours of solitude. Independent signs like Sagittarians, Aquarians, and Geminis will be only too happy to send you on your way while they enjoy a bit of solitude themselves.

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