Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Its our 3rd anniversary today.. hmm thought I'll get a surprise from her or some romantic gateaway.. sighz* she had a long day, by the time she reach home, the first thing she did was to head towards the bed and zzzz....

Anyway, I had a long day reliefing at AI today..
more work today coz I have to cover some other classes during my free slots. My stomach growls in the middle of the class.. hahaha lucky nobody noticed...
Again I have to bury myself in the piles of books, finish marking and bed i need a bed!!!!
totally exhausted* .Oh forget to mention about the HOD.. I feel so bad coz I duno how to look at him when he talk to me coz' his eyes' got some prob... I duno which direction is he looing at.. so when he tell me that he got good responds from the students I was thrilled.... but I keep looking into the papers when he talk to me :P

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