Saturday, January 1, 2005

Lousy New Year Eve

Sighz... everything just went haywire:

  1. Ktv session disaster..coz I duno pple sing every single song with analogue ON.
  2. can't click coz' she's too young
  3. They want to go MM... shittiest trip to MM,
    coz the thot of that byatch disguise me totally & lost appetite completely
  4. tHE CHIEF @ THE tHAI Cafe didn't really cook the prawn & Veg well today
    (thou' its my 1st time there, didnt gimme face .. sighz)
  5. Will waiting for the movie to start, went to play the "drum" 2 drum not working..
  6. Movie "Seed of Chucky" grusome ...
  7. I want ice-cream, but its outta stock
  8. Cab took a long time to travel to my hse
  9. wanted something romantic... but got something mono..
  10. The dog is barking (awake already) when I want to sleep.. ssshhh!

Hope when I wake up I'll get to receive something better...
what can be worse...

well consolate myself maybe....

  1. spent the entire nite eyes wide open,
    at least I get the report typed out...
  2. Got a Kiss from Baby,
    after she went around spraying ribbons with the Mad Kids..

My New Year ResolutIon..
(Still processing ...thinking about it)
let me get some my dreams

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