Sunday, January 30, 2005

Two Letters

Check the letter box today and got 2 letters from the Ministries..
sighz a bad news, and a so-call good news..
was rejected by the Airforce, well, to neutral it ,
I was shortlisted for interview for teaching position...
2 days before CNY, how its a good day.

Went to dye my hair to darker colour,
hope I look more appropriate for the interview..
Mum is down with flu, I be the "chief for today's dinner...
Hmmm.. hope it taste alrite... :)
Sambal Kangkong,
Black Pepper pork,
Fried "duno-what-is-that " with egg

Had a terrible stomache!!!
and got a call from Dad...
want me to go CCK again...
this time he left his cashcard at home,
what's next?!
spare me please .. I am not feeling well!
and nobody seems to care!

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