Sunday, February 20, 2005


Had hard time sleeping ...
3 person on queen size bed... and its the same problem...
Spoilt my precious weekend with Baby.. we hardly spend time togather.

Went to visit long time friend..his baby boy is 1 mth old,
little JunXiong(Gabriel), carried him and he fall asleep in 1 min..
anyway had hard time locating the venue ...
walked with Fen and Jenn searching for the blk...

Had a great time catching up the new-daddy...
Hmmm.. wonder if the 2nd one is coming up ..haha..

Catch a psychotic Movie, "Hide & Seek with Fen & Baby"
after the visitation...Wonder was Jenn up to? she is so secretive..
me and Fen wanted to follow her and wonder is she really "getting -things-from-NTUC" or someone's picking her up? Well, let time tells huh...

After the movie, Had dinner at Seoul Garden with Bb...
whole body smells exactly like the food we cooked..
wasn't happy coz' the time flies (weekend) = Bb going home.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


went to watch "Shall we Dance" Romantic show.....nice dance move, so inspired to learn dancing.went to eat Jap food..Very full..ordered 2 bento set, potato croquette,adgedashi tofu, unagi, chawanmushi... Went shopping at espirt bought some clothes....then went further to Taka to scout for more discount deals... too bad when we reached town shops are closing..didnt go singing, coz got a call earlier from AI to relief for 4 weeks..Lovely!
Baby stayed over tonight *smiles to sleep*

Start of a 1 month temp position

To be summarised at on 11th March 2005.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Went for dental appointment today..
had my wisdom tooth removed and filling on my front teeth..
causing me pain now...
I feel like a blinking traffic light in my head..
Hungry and drowsy...*zzzz....*
Can't speak properly coz' I am biting on a cotton gaze..
Doc. instruction:

  1. can't eat hot food...
  2. must floss my teeth ...
  3. practice correct brushing procedure ...
  4. apply cream before sleeping ...
  5. eat healthy food for gums...

Friday, February 11, 2005

Movie Mania - I do *2

Bored at home...
Realised that Mum don't need to work today..
Hmm... decided to bring her out for a movie, since its been ages since she last watch a movie in the theatre... bought the movie ticket from Axs for 3 person... its hilarious haahah~

after the show, went to eat sushi... don't know why Mum like the conveyor belt style sushi.. not very nice and the variaty is so limited...Bb got her posting for tp.. DNS...goodluck!
expensive...bought black ink for the printer...gosh forgot to buy mouse!!! agin *sighz*

Anyway, Bb have to rush home ...hardly get to spend time with her anymore.
fulfilling , average day.... lacking of something to bring that smile on my face :(

Thursday, February 10, 2005

CNY (Day 2)

Went to Baby's house to bai-nian..
glad to see her... miss her so much , ever since she moved back.
live as if we are in a long dist. r/s, worst still, muted coz we can't talk on the phone,
*sigh*, feel so sick about it.

then she came my place for a 2nd reunion dinner..
me, sis, mum, dad and baby..after that, she went home...
I clean up the dishes..and everybody rest.

simple and happy day...

Wednesday, February 9, 2005


first day of CNY...
went to paternal side, this year is at uncle's house, he finally set up a family after so long behing bars.. happy for him... he got a flat near my old neighbourhood at Tanglin Halt..
Don't really enjoy the visitation to my paternal side coz every year have to face these bunch of snobs.. *tsk* what to do .. its tradition , traditions....
after the gathering and a reunion lunch, we went over to maternal side... granny house..
as usual dad did want us to take a cab there , he is stuck at the mahjong ahaha...

reach graany house, saw the piles of shoes outside the house I know must be really crowded...
wow, full house... then went to catch up with my auntie, she showw me her collection of perfume bottles and gave me some and a bottle of Gucci Envy..

the gambling mothers start there circle of ban-luck... the kids play in uncle's room... then i feel so bored, took a nap in granny's room...after that went home... think zaizai's hungry ..poor doggie.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Reunion Dinner

its CNY eve.. spring cleaning and iron clothes for new year visitation...
bought mum a pair of pink sandals to match her pants...
then I ask her for a token, I'm rather superstitious about buying shoes,
heard that its not good to buy shoes for love ones, she gave me a*

went to granny house for reunion dinner,
miss granny cooking and the steamboat gathering..
the little ones as usual so noisy , chasing and running about...
time flies... they all grow so tall.. Cherie is now in sec 1 and she is catching up sis..
sob* I feel like a shortie... Jiawei also in sec 1 , sighz*


Wake up at about 3am to walk the dog... usually my mum will do it but she has to start business earlier so i take over... silly dog refused to poop... I remember mum said that every morning the silly dog will poop...sighz... hope u dun make noise when i sleep huh..back to my bed but I can rest my mind coz I am so nervous about the interview in the afternoon... okie, iron my clothes, wash up, dress up, and do some pre-interview preparation... voila~ nice and neat... hmm look so pro... I reach the interview venue really early... its ok, I let the admin staff verify my documents and wait for my turn... *heartbeat* I am getting really nervous .. I knock the door and went in...3 interviewers...bombarded with questions:
"why did u choose to apply for this position?"
"in what ways the courses (hrm/design) help in this career?"
"tell us about your experience related to the position?"
"what do u mean by creativity?"
"if u face difficult young people and their parents are being unreasonable how will u handle it?"
"tell us what are the diff things u do in l.pri and u.pri classes?"
"are u confident in el? things like verb, vocabs, nouns..etc?"
phew~ finally over yeah!
but I realised that there are still things that I wanted to add on ...
silly brain, got so frozen in the interview room

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Buzzy Market

Went to help up mum , people rush to buy grocery as if they want to stock up for the whole month...busy like mad, when they make their orders I can only hear buffered sound coz' everybody talk at the same time...aiyoh~ feel like asking then to queue up in 1 line haha! sheeh! one by one can... think I have 8 hands meh? by the time the stocks are clear, I'm so tired and sleepy that my eyelids can hardly open ... mum ask if I want to eat anything...I say i want to go home bathe then zzzz... :p forget about new year clothes lah... took a short nap then when for the manicure appointment... did french manicure..yeah!

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Everywhere need bookings

  1. 6th Feb 2005 (Sunday)
    * 4 am - Help Mum @ store
    * Noon - Shopping for clothes & "Secret"
    * 9 pm - Manicure/Pedicure
  2. 7th Feb 2005 (Monday)
    * 3pm - Interview
  3. 8th Feb 2005 (Tuesday)
    * Morning - Spring cleaning
    * Evening - Reunion Dinner @ Granny Hse
  4. 9th Feb 2005 (Wednesday)
    * Morning - Go to Temple
    * Afternoon - Visitation @ Commonwealth
    * Afternoon - Visitation @ Granny Hse
    * Night - *grins* think there's party @ Mox
  5. 10th - 11th Feb 2005 (Thursday - Friday)
    * __________________ ??
  6. 12th Feb 2005 (Saturady)
    * 10am - Dentist (extract and fillings)
  7. 13th Feb 2005 (Sunday)
    * _________________ ??
  8. 14th Feb 2004 (Monday)
    * Valentines' Day

Friday, February 4, 2005

Love Horoscope

Aries in Love
March 21-April 19

Aries is the cardinal-fire sign which translates into life loving andhighly energized and this describes their needs concerning love as well.As a partner they make life exciting, albeit occasionally tiring, andyou cannot help but feel rather joyful and light hearted when you're intheir company. It's that blend of innocence (the lamb) with pure power(the ram) that is so captivating about an Aries mate. They don'tunderstand the meaning of the word routine, however, and boredom is thenumber one killer of Aries romances. Aries loves as boldly and asstrongly as it experiences life. From sports to personal challengesAries are usually not happy unless they are moving after something. With Mars as their ruling planet oftentimes their entire lives are aboutchanneling and putting that immense power to work for them. It's notuncommon to find an Aries firmly committed to a long term volatilearrangement that leaves those around them wondering why they would stay.

The truth is they often thrive on that kind of intensity and it can dofar less damage than existing within a relationship that has grownroutine and stagnant. When an Aries loves they LOVE. The partner ishoisted up onto a pedestal whether they want to be there or not and theybecome a treasure to be protected and guarded passionately. The love ofan Aries life often becomes the driving motivation for their challenginggoals and the phrase, "I did this for YOU" is one heard in many of thebest Aries relationships.

Aries Sexuality:
An Aries sexuality is driven, powerful and almost afeat of showmanship when they are truly captivated. Since Aries tend tobe action/goal oriented sex can become a series of higher plateausinvolving anything their fertile imaginations can conjure up. Aries arethe zodiac show-off and the bedroom isn't excluded from their dramaticand captivating ability to get partners undivided attention. The moreappreciated they feel the more they invest in their lovemaking andprivate boundaries exist only to give an Aries something to leap over. Marathons of passion, spontaneous liaisons in the most unexpected placesand inexhaustible stamina are all part of the Aries basic sexualmake-up.

The long term story:
Lots of pampering and a lot of attention is neededwith an Aries lover as they thrive on feeling they are number one inyour life. They love to do the initial chasing and are usually notattracted to being chased but once their heart is given you can't everover-do your displays of affection. While they can be jealous andpossessive you cannot show the same qualities and any kind of clingingis a sure fire way to drive them into new pastures. Under all the Ariesbravado and show is actually a rather innocent child who simply wants toexplore the wonderful world around them and to be appreciated. The moreencouraged they are in either area the more exuberant they become.

Positive Traits in Love:
Exuberance, expressiveness, passion,generosity, adoration, protectiveness, adventuress, fun loving, creativeand energized lovemaking, and devotion.

Negative traits:
Temperamental, jealous, possessive, ego oriented,inconsiderate, reckless, fickle

What an Aries likes:
Being number one, A positive attitude, A life loving comrade, A. partnerwho has style or a 'look', Being Seen Getting gifts, Loyalty, Beingactive together. Romance and dazzle.

What an Aries Dislikes:
Being bored, Being chased, Sloppiness in a mate, Criticism, Anythingmundane, Feeling unappreciated, Feeling inferior, Losing, Having torepeat things. Displays of insecurity.

Aries Love Keywords:
Dramatic, romantic, original, passionate, energized, creative,spontaneous.

Cancer in Love
June 22-July 22

Cancer is the cardinal water sign indicating that strong and rushingfeelings and emotions guide their actions. When they love they loveforever...period. Their extremely tough outer shell makes it hard totruly get into their heart but once in the loved one becomes pampered,adored and prone to being the intense focus of their feelings and moods.

A Cancer lover instinctively nourishes and dotes on the object of theirheart and can be all encompassing in all ways. Being traditional andhome oriented means male Cancers like to follow the proper rules andways to court, to fall in love and to make it permanent. Likewise forfemales who tend to wait until the man makes his move regardless of howstrongly they may want to make a move. No one can do love and give lovelike a Cancer can, but it is heart and maternally oriented as opposed tosexually oriented and its worse tendency is to be smothering. A Cancerwho feels insecure in a relationship is apt to become demanding: eithersulking silently hurt or verbally making it clear what is wrong and why.

The outer shell protects them from giving too soon and too often butthose outer claws (another Crab attribute) serve to hold onto a lovedone with a tenacious grasp that is almost impossible to break. Yet theiractions are always driven by the true depth of their feelings and theloved one almost always holds a cherished spot in their heart even longafter the union is over. When it comes to protection...not even Leo canoutdo the fierce and loyal strength that a Cancer wields in the name ofprotecting a loved one.

Cancers Sexuality:
Sex is not definable without emotions for mostCancers and they must feel something with relative strength for theirtruest feelings to come out in a romantic and sexual interlude. They aretender and partner oriented lovers and more concerned with pleasingtheir mates and feeling the returning emotions as nurturing proof of thepartners love. Sex for cancer is attached to all things which meansecurity and loyalty and truth of the heart. Their needs tend tofluctuate according to their moods and emotional state as does theirintensity and their desire levels. In many ways sexuality is anempowered field for Cancer as they are the zodiacs maternal nurturers itis the literal act of sex which has molded their 'job'. A cancer who isin love and feels secure will intuitively understand that and will treatit as the joyful gift it is.

The long term story:
In a solid, secure relationship a Cancer can easilysupport the nuances of a long term relationship as they naturallynourish and supplement the changing nature of the union. On a loverspart it is important to understand their emotional vulnerability and howthey cope with that through their built in defense mechanisms. Cancersare, undeniably, prone to a certain moodiness and such is the way theycan learn to bend and flow and give what is needed to nurture thosearound them. The more a partner learns to enhance a cancers ability todetach from what is going around them and to learn the truth of theirown power of emotional freedom the less this natural moodiness willmanifest in overt ways.

Positive Traits in Love:
Loyal, supportive, nurturing, compassionate,caring, dedication, faithfulness of emotions, tenderness, pampering,adoration.

Negative traits:
Possessiveness, jealousy, moodiness, volatility,control issues, dependency issues, depression

What Cancer likes:
Feeling appreciated, Sincerity, Tradition, Stability, Routine, Loyalty,Commitment, Laughing, Feeling supported.

What Cancer Dislikes:
Erraticness, Sudden, unexpected changes, Insincerity, Being ignored,Dishonesty, Not knowing how you feel, Being uncomfortable

Cancer Love Keywords:
Emotional, fluid, nurturing, supportive, moody, insecure, loving, loyal,tradition oriented, modest, generous, sincere.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Love is U & I .... For You

My Moon is in Leo

Your Moon is in Leo

Warm, loving, and generous in your affections, you inspire tremendous devotion and loyalty in your loved ones. This is good, since you would never settle for anything less!You want to be adored and worshipped like the king or queen that you feel you are, and it is difficult for anyone to resist the warmth and attention you lavish on those you care about. You have a great deal of pride and need to be recognized and appreciated. The way to really hurt your feelings is to ignore you. You are genuine, sincere, and have a strong sense of personal integrity. You hate emotional games and dishonesty.