Tuesday, February 8, 2005


Wake up at about 3am to walk the dog... usually my mum will do it but she has to start business earlier so i take over... silly dog refused to poop... I remember mum said that every morning the silly dog will poop...sighz... hope u dun make noise when i sleep huh..back to my bed but I can rest my mind coz I am so nervous about the interview in the afternoon... okie, iron my clothes, wash up, dress up, and do some pre-interview preparation... voila~ nice and neat... hmm look so pro... I reach the interview venue really early... its ok, I let the admin staff verify my documents and wait for my turn... *heartbeat* I am getting really nervous .. I knock the door and went in...3 interviewers...bombarded with questions:
"why did u choose to apply for this position?"
"in what ways the courses (hrm/design) help in this career?"
"tell us about your experience related to the position?"
"what do u mean by creativity?"
"if u face difficult young people and their parents are being unreasonable how will u handle it?"
"tell us what are the diff things u do in l.pri and u.pri classes?"
"are u confident in el? things like verb, vocabs, nouns..etc?"
phew~ finally over yeah!
but I realised that there are still things that I wanted to add on ...
silly brain, got so frozen in the interview room

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