Friday, February 11, 2005

Movie Mania - I do *2

Bored at home...
Realised that Mum don't need to work today..
Hmm... decided to bring her out for a movie, since its been ages since she last watch a movie in the theatre... bought the movie ticket from Axs for 3 person... its hilarious haahah~

after the show, went to eat sushi... don't know why Mum like the conveyor belt style sushi.. not very nice and the variaty is so limited...Bb got her posting for tp.. DNS...goodluck!
expensive...bought black ink for the printer...gosh forgot to buy mouse!!! agin *sighz*

Anyway, Bb have to rush home ...hardly get to spend time with her anymore.
fulfilling , average day.... lacking of something to bring that smile on my face :(

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