Sunday, March 6, 2005

My life: Feeling lost...

My mind is really blank right now.
Dun feel like talking...maybe it's PMS.

  1. I need an income
    -> rejected from interviews
  2. I need attention
    -> making me a demanding lover
    -> weekend lover is not my cup of tea
    -> IM chat is not my type
    -> cold as steel..
    -> puffy eyes..runny nose, broken heart
  3. Pre-requisite of job openings (experience)
    -> where is my JOB
  4. What keeps a relationship going ?
    -> passion? dreams? love? understanding? goals?
    -> giving friends good advices, but I flopped my own
    -> Should I free her from my "nonsensical" behaviour
    -> freaking out...
  5. Pain everywhere
    -> is it really physically or psychologically?
    -> migraine
    -> shoulders and backache
    -> chest pain
    -> stomach cramp
    -> sleepless nights
    -> no appititte
    -> keep eating ice-cream and smoke
    -> temperamental
  6. Where my path is leading me to?
  7. Where to seek help?
    -> would anybody around me bother at all?
  8. What can I do next?
    -> I feel like I am in a fix now
    -> emotionless, expressionless, speechless
    -> demoralised
    -> low-esteem
    -> down

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